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YouTube Has Banned a Pennsylvania Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Forum For – You Guessed It – ‘Misinformation’

YouTube is a platform that censors free speech that the leftists who run it don’t agree with. Owned by Google, YouTube has removed a Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate livestream forum this past weekend.

Leftist-run social media companies get away with censoring free speech by claiming the offender is spreading misinformation online, and that goes against their terms of service. If that were truly the case, then no media outlet in the world would be allowed to post on YouTube, but for some strange reason, they only do this to conservative channels. Oh, the leftists will tell you that left-wing channels get censored too, but not for speaking their mind espousing and their beliefs that the censors don’t agree with because the censors are leftists themselves.

Many will tell you that the tech tyrants can censor free speech because they are not the government but a private company. I call bullschtein. It is patently obvious that over the years, the social media giants have censored speech that just so happened to coincide with what the Democratic Party at that point in time did not want getting out to the masses.

Also, the big tech platforms are now the town square and a court could be deem them as a de facto government they way they did in Marsh v Alabama when the Supreme Court ruled that the private town owned by a corporation was a de facto government.

I have gotten censored by YouTube for posting videos for news stories that covered information that the Democratic Party at that time did not want people learning about. I would get a notice from YouTube telling me that my video violated their terms of service. Of course, my videos never did because I never posted a video that was misinformation. Sometimes I thought YouTube changed the definition of misinformation to be “Anything the Democratic Party does not want people to say.” It was always about a month or so later that I would get another notice telling me that after they reviewed my appeal, they have come to the conclusion that I did not violate their terms of service after all, and they have restored my video post. Funny how it always gets restored after the news cycle they censored me over has passed. And they never once told me what part of my videos violated their terms of service. How could they? I never violated their terms of service and that’s not why they censored me.

On Thursday, Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, hosted a forum outside of Philadelphia, PA.

“Our team has reviewed your content, and, unfortunately, we think it violates our misinformation policy. We’ve removed the following content from YouTube: [the Gubernatorial Forum Livestream],” YouTube said in an email to the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

“YouTube offered no specifics of what is alleged to be in violation, beyond indicating that it had to do with content related to the 2020 Presidential election,” Geer said in a statement. “That election was not mentioned in our questions, and we can only conclude that the YouTube censors did not like the answers given by one or more of the candidates.”

“This is a blatant assault on free speech, free elections, on the ability of candidates to freely state their views, and on the right of citizens to hear the varied perspectives of those who are seeking their votes,” Geer said. “It hinders the process of democracy, shuts down the free marketplace of ideas, and ironically, further erodes confidence in our elections.”

It’s simple. YouTube does not want a Republican message to resonate with the American people. This is why I tell conservatives to go to because they protect free speech. Send conservative Rumble videos to your liberal friends. It’s the only way to get the message out. Go to alternative social media sites like Parler, Truth Social (if you can get on),, and GETTR, all sites that protect free speech.

I have always believed that YouTube and Google have helped rig the 2020 election against Donald Trump and for the Democratic Party. When you censor one side of free speech, only the other side’s message gets out and what better way to rig an election than to silence the opposing party? The actions of Big Tech to rig the 2020 election hold them culpable for the disastrous job the Biden administration is doing and how they are destroying our economy, our country, and our freedoms at a much more rapid pace than any outside enemy could ever dream of doing.

If the Republicans take over Congress in the midterm elections coming in November, they can no longer play lip service to getting the censorship of free speech under control. They must do something or we will lose the greatest country ever known. Half the people are being lied to by leftists and a conservative message is not being allowed to free people from their lies. People should be allowed to make up their own minds and they cannot do that if one side’s messaging is being blocked by the unamerican use of censorship.

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