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YouTube commits $100 million to ‘amplify’ black creators and artists

YouTube is set to launch a $100 million fund to help“amplify” the voices of black creators on its platform by developing talent and creating new shows.

According to this article on The VERGE, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki detailed what the company plans to do to help and protect black communities on the platform in a blog post this afternoon. The fund will support the creation of new YouTube Original programming and help with the development of black creators and artists. “We’re committed to doing better as a platform to center and amplify Black voices and perspectives,” Wojcicki said in the blog post.

The launch details did not specify if it was only interested in black liberal viewpoints or if they will include black conservative voices as well. After all, the black communities are not only made up of Democrats. But we know that they are only interested in black Democrats.

We will see if YouTube discriminates in regard to which black creators and artists they select.

Wojcicki also said YouTube will continue to tackle hate and harassment to create a safe environment for black users to freely use the platform, whether it’s viewers watching and commenting on videos or creators making new content on YouTube.

Several tech companies have made similar commitments following the death of George Floyd. On Thursday, Apple launched a $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative. YouTube’s parent company, Google promised to fund $12 million to various organizations fighting systemic racism, while Amazon and Facebook both pledged to donate $10 million each to groups working on racial and social justice.

Source: YouTube commits $100 million to ‘amplify’ black creators and artists

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