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‘You Don’t Have To Change Your Faith’ To Vote For Abortion: Kamala Harris

According to Kamala Harris, ‘you don’t have to change your faith’ to vote for abortion. In a rare event, the vice president actually did something. Unfortunately, it proved to be just as out of touch and unrealistic as ever. Harris was trying to ‘drum up’ support in Wisacon ahead of the midterms, only they probably didn’t eve know who she was at this point.

Harris spends more time hiding indoors and claiming to work ‘behind the scenes’ than Biden. Can she connect to voters? Seems like they mostly try to avoid her, so I think not. WISN 12‘s Jared Jordan asked Harris about Wisconsin’s role in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Wisconsin will help decide the future of our country and that is what Wisconsin does,” Harris said. “When we look at a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, we need two additional seats in the Senate, one of which will be Mandela Barnes to say, listen, let’s stop playing politics with women’s bodies. You don’t have to change your faith or abandon your faith or your deeply held beliefs to agree the government should not be telling a woman what to do with her body.”

Jordan also asked Harris if abortion was going to be enough to drive Democrats to the polls.

Harris said there were a number of issues “at stake” and said that people should “look at the record in terms of who is actually leading with solutions and who is attempting to distract from the priorities that everyday working people have that need to be addressed.”

She visited an American politics course at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Thursday and met with Democratic attorneys general as well.

According to Fox News, Harris also met with civil rights and reproductive rights leaders earlier in September to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs case after a coalition of civil rights groups sent a letter to President Biden asking him to address the decision.

During a briefing ahead of the discussion on September 12, she said the Supreme Court removed a constitutional right by overturning Roe v. Wade.

“We know with the Supreme Court having made the decision in Dobbs to take a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of America, from the women of America, has created a health crisis in America,” Harris said. “It has highlighted the fact that as we all know, we must be vigilant and we must stand should-to-shoulder to ensure that every voice is represented in a way that allows them equal access to all that they need to thrive.”


Running out to drop a few words a month before the election after being silent for two years is sort of like waiting until the night before it’s due to start a class project. Will you have something to turn in? Sure. Will it pass? Likely not.

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