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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Nevada Democrats Sues for the Right to Commit Voter Fraud

Several Democratic groups in Nevada have actually sued for the right to commit voter fraud. This is unbelievable.

The groups have sued to have more than 1 in-person voting site in each county. But, I thought the idea of all mail-in ballot voting was to prevent large groups gathering to vote. Evidently that was a lie.

They also want ballots sent to inactive voters. The following video shows ballots piling up in apartment houses that can be used to vote by anyone with a ballpoint pen.

The only thing preventing that is when the signatures on the mail-in ballots do not match the signatures on the voter registration card. Democrats thought of that and have sued to prevent the matching of signatures:


So, in reality, what the Democrats have done is successfully sued for the right to commit wholesale voter fraud.

This is especially prevalent in Clark County, the single largest voting bloc in Nevada. No Republican stands a chance there as long as these rules prevail.

An editorial in the Las Vegas Review-Journal very succinctly points this fraudulent voting scheme for what it is.

A license to steal elections.

You might make somewhat of a case for all mail-in balloting but other than to commit voter fraud, would you eliminate checking to make sure the person voting is the person who registered to vote? I can’t think of a single reason.

From The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Mailing ballots to inactive voters is of greater concern. It’s worth noting that “inactive” voters aren’t just those who didn’t vote in the most recent election. At the start of every federal election year, the Election Department mails voters a new registration card to help determine if they may have moved. If a card is returned because it is undeliverable or the recipient no longer resides at that address, the Election Department sends a forwardable postcard asking the voter to provide the new address. The voter is deemed inactive only if he or she doesn’t respond within 30 days.

That’s the best-case scenario. There are already pictures and videos of ballots piling up outside of Clark County apartment complexes. The only safeguard against someone successfully and illegally returning those ballots is signature verification. It’s not much of a standard, yet Democrats inexplicably demand that election officials drop signature verification entirely.

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