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Yes, Four More Years! Trump Rallies Data Shows Pollsters Are Way Off! Can You Say Déjà Vu Lefties?

President Trump came into office with a unique skill set compared to others who were seeking office.

One of these is his ability to attract VERY large political rally crowds which increases enthusiasm. In addition, increases voter turnout, and gives the campaign great opportunities to register those previously undecided to vote and collect needed internal polling data.

So while the polling companies are calling off their list of “registered “voters, then oversampling using more democrats, the Trump team is able to identify accurate turn out numbers helping to decide where to spend their resources.

Here is a great example.

Following President Trump’s rapid recovery from COVID-19 and getting released by his doctors, Trump immediately back out on the campaign trail.

Following stops in Florida on Monday, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, the 74th years old young Trump held his third rally, in three days, last night in Des Moines, Iowa.

According to the traditional polling companies, IA is leaning towards Biden, even though Joe can’t get more than 20 people to attend an event.

Yet the numbers for those outside the fake news media are showing an upcoming repeat of 2016.

After the Iowa rally, the Trump campaign tweeted out their numbers.
Based on them, 2020 could be even a larger win for President Trump than in 2016.

With numbers like this, and President Trump’s plan to hold another 20 plus events before election day, the Hawkeye state and others now breaking for; “Four More Year”, might just shock the far left world again on November 3rd.

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