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Woman Who Pulled a Gun On Black Family To Protect Herself Tells Her Side of the Story [VIDEO]

A crazy thing about our American culture is how some local District Attorneys, many who are elected and some elections funded by George Soros’s, Open Society, are punishing police, homeowners, and even a restaurant customer for using their weapons to protect themselves. The white woman we reported on last week who was arrested after pointing a gun at a black woman and her daughter throughout an argument in a Chipotle parking lot says she did it as a result of she feared for her life, according to a report Friday.

For the first time since footage of the heated confrontation surfaced, Jillian Wuestenberg spoke out about pulling her registered firearm, admitting she felt threatened after the mother and daughter team blocked her from leaving a Michigan Chipotle.

Your background, neighborhood, and life experiences, dictate how you react under certain stresses. To many who watched the video, in the same position, would have also been concerned about the confrontation, someone running in the back of their vehicle and slamming the back door, then not retreating when the handgun was drawn. If not commonplace, fear would take over and cause the fight or flight reaction to take place. If however, you are from a neighborhood, with a lot of crime, then this confrontation, would have been more posturing with no real chance of escalating into violence.

“Within moments, a second or two, I had multiple people within two feet of me and I just remember thinking, ‘I am not going home tonight,’” Jillian, 32, with tears coming down her face told 7 Action News, a local station. “It’s scary…The more I see the video the more I realize I’m more afraid of that situation now than I was then.”

When she was asked why she felt the need to chamber a round, she said, “That meant I am about to die and I don’t want to die.”

Jillian was leaving with bags of food for her family of six; Takelia Hill and her two daughters were coming in when her 15-year-old daughter said she was bumped.

The video that is now viral shows the subsequent confrontation that occurred between the Hill family and the Wuestenbergs, where Jillian said the Hill family blocked her from her car until her husband Eric stepped in.

The couple said they were blocked, trapped and in fear.

Jillian described the video as “hard to watch.”
“It’s scary,” she said. “The more I see it the more I realize I’m more afraid of that situation now than I was then.”

“Within moments, a second or two, I had multiple people within two feet of me and I just remember thinking, ‘I am not going home tonight,'” she said while crying.

“So, you felt like you had no choice but to pull the gun?” 7 Action News Reporter Jim Kiertzner asked.

“I grew up around lots of handguns, lots of rifles,” Jillian said. “They are just an everyday parts of life. It was just something that was there.”

“You’re seen chambering the bullet,” Kiertzner said. “That means business.”

“That meant I am about to die and I don’t want to die,” Jillian said.

The Hill family, mother, and daughter who confronted the Wuestenbergs, asked their attorney to speak with 7 Action news.  Christopher Quinn, the attorney for the Hill family, said the family is glad to see charges filed against the couple because they believe what happened was felonious assault.Quinn also said the Hill family did not block the Wuestenbergs from their car.”She was able to get into the vehicle,” Quinn said. “They were able to drive off. They didn’t choose to drive off. They actually almost hit my client with their van. And then jumped out like Bonnie and Clyde with guns pointed at them. They were going to make sure it was understood they were the ones in charge.”

While Quinn said his clients perceived it as a show of power — the Wuestenbergs said they feared for their lives. Quinn says in order for that to be a defense – it has to be reasonable.

“I don’t believe that the threat, the perceived threat, was realistic because one group of people were armed and the other was not,” he said. Quinn said his clients are traumatized at having had a gun pointed at them over an argument about bumping into someone in a doorway.

So what we end up with is, a white couple who felt like their lives were in danger. A black family, through their attorney, who is downplaying their part in the confirmation and agreeing that the white couple overreacted and should go to jail. And the District attorney is going to have to try to figure out if the white couple should have been scared, which will determine if they should have pulled out their handgun. What a mess and I don’t see how this can play out well for the Wuestenbergs, found guilty or not, the cancel culture and haters will try to ruin their lives, outside the jail either after being found not guilty or after completing jail time.



  1. Michael Harvey

    July 10, 2020 at 11:44 pm

    Every right in the world
    She was scared and defending her constitutional rights. Clearly stated, not to come any closer. Handled the weapon professionally. Didn’t use it.

  2. Nancy

    July 11, 2020 at 11:02 am

    This is pathetic. She had a right to protect herself!!! These black people are racist and caused this!!

  3. Steve Stevens

    July 11, 2020 at 5:39 pm

    I have watched this video several times and to be honest, I strongly believe the African American ladies initiated this entire incident and that the White lady may have unintentionally brushed up against the young Black lady, who I would call ignorant and a racist based on this video, who likely has a huge chip on her shoulders towards White’s most of if not all of her life, which I’m sure is an attitude she has learned from her mother.

    I believe all this BLM stuff has emboldened many African Americans to be more aggressive in their interaction with White Americans and the fact that the couple have been charged and not the aggressive parties to this event just gives the impression that African Americans are currently free to do whatever they wish to do and fear no reprisals.

    I really believe it’s interesting that the African American ladies yelled out “call the cops”; especially if they agree with defunding the police.

    Incidents like this one and the one in St. Louis when the man and his wife came outside armed to protect their property concern me a great deal, and I cannot believe our local, state and federal representatives are just sitting on their royal asses waiting for a White person, who is in fear of being attacked or harmed or killed, by mobs or someone with a mob mentality, so they can use it to support their agenda. If this incident had been reversed, in other words, the skin color of the participants was opposite no one in the media would have published this story.

    No one in the BLM movement cares about the Black on Black crimes or a Black Cop killing another Black Man or a Black Man killing a Black Cop, simply because that is not their agenda.

    I pray people of all races to wake up and see through all this divisiveness among the Black and White race and hatred for cops, which began to affect America the day President Obama famously said “The police acted stupidly”, when in reality they were doing their job protecting the home of the Balck Professor (forget his name).

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