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“Woman” Gets Women Pregnant in Prison…Redefines What a Woman Is?

You know, when I was a boy I knew exactly what a woman was. Actually, I still know. It’s the far leftists who keep changing the definition. They insist that transgender women can be in the girls’ locker rooms and in women’s prisons. There are two women who are pregnant, in the New Jersey’s Edna Mahan Correctional Facility after having consensual sex with a “woman”.

So, now a woman is someone who can knock up women. Women in some prisons have complained about having biological men who are now women in the facilities with them. They feel they are in danger of being raped. Years ago women in prison were never afraid of being raped by another woman. Times sure have changed.

In Loudoun County, Virginia girls complained about having to undress in front of biological men and one thirteen-year-old was raped by a boy in a skirt. We are told that these transgenders have a constitutional right to be there, but what about the constitutional rights of the girls? Liberals don’t seem to think they have any. In Loudoun they did not even suspend the boy in a skirt, they just sent him to another school where he sexually assaulted another girl.

To make it worse, the school board covered up the rape so as to not disrupt their plan to allow transgenders to pick which bathroom they want to use. The school board is now being investigated by a grand jury. I hope they all get locked up in cells with a transgender as a cellmate.

From The Daily Caller

The state Department of Corrections did not identify which of the 27 transgender inmates fathered the unborn children, according to NJ Advance Media. New Jersey has allowed convicts to be housed in prisons according to their preferred gender identify since 2021 and does not require transgender women to go through gender reassignment surgery, the New York Post reported.

The change in law was made after the ACLU brought a lawsuit against the New Jersey Department of Corrections in August 2019, according to the ACLU-NJ website. “This settlement comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of New Jersey’s prison system, and the state needs to commit fully to ensuring the dignity, health, and safety of people in their custody. This policy is a start and addresses the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in state prisons,” ACLU-NJ Legal Director Jeanne LoCicero said in 2021.

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