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Woke Parkland Survivor ‘X González’ Gives Gun Control Speech With So Many F-Bomb’s It Sounded Like a Rap Song [VIDEO]

Parkland, Florida Stoneman Douglas High School‘s 2018 mass shooting survivor “X” González – formerly known as the foul-mouthed Emma – was the one who ran her mouth in the aftermath of the tragic murders at her school when she was on camera.

Parkland, Florida Stoneman Douglas High School‘s 2018 mass shooting survivor “X” González – formerly known as the foul-mouthed Emma – was the one who ran her mouth in the aftermath of the tragic murders at her school when she was on camera. This was the same school shooting that David Hogg became famous by first making it appear that he was inside the school when the shooting began, only to have him tell the story later that he was at home and heard about the incident on the news, then raced to the school on his bicycle to go report on the incident. He went on to have a career engaging in anti-Second Amendment agitation and exploitation, giving speeches and calling for more gun control laws, none of which would stop a mass shooter.

Showing a leopard doesn’t change its spots, González let the expletives fly in a foul-mouthed meltdown at a March for Our Lives event in DC on Saturday.

She started off her speech by reminding everybody of her non-binary status and advised the crowd of her proper pronouns – they/them – which she complained about when an adoring fan shouted “YOU GO, GIRL!” saying into the microphone, “I’m not a girl.”

From the very beginning, you come to realize you’re listening to an irrational person who has some growing up to do.

“Happy pride!” she said to the audience, and then immediately talked about how she spent the last four years trying to keep her rage and profanity in check. And then threw a raging F-bomb.

“I have reached my f*cking limit,” she said. “I am not going to hold myself back anymore for the sake of somebody else’s fragile ego.”

The one with a fragile ego is the young lady, who gets upset when someone calls her a girl.

Most of Mohawk Emma’s speech was focused on Congress failing to pass gun control laws she has called for over the four years since the Parkland shooting. I would argue that it’s been four years, and she hasn’t taken the time to read 27 words that tell they/them why the Congress cannot do it.

Those are the 27 words of the Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Then she got the idea that bringing transgenderism into the fold would help get members of Congress to take they/them seriously. (I know I’m not supposed to say they/them both at the same time. I’m just hoping to piss they/them off enough so that they/them cut out the nonsense for the rest of us.)

“You say that queer and trans identities are immoral for children,” the angry mutant said. “But somehow conversations about what to do when a white supremacist terrorist inevitably tries to kill us, are moral.”


[embedded content]

Allowing your children to become involved in adult drag queen activities is not only immoral, I believe it’s criminal child abuse.

When they/them compared the immorality of “trans identities are immoral for children,” to “conversations about what to do when a white supremacist terrorist inevitably tries to kill us,” it’s when I wanted to throw an F-bomb back at they/them and point out that if they/them was really serious about protecting children from mass shootings, they/them was pull they/them out of the bogus woke gun control movement and listen to real world solutions the other side has to offer. By they/them won’t do it because then they/them will be out of the limelight. I just wrote they/them so many times I’m dizzy.

Chief Spreading Bull thought attacking the members of Congress with F-bombs and insults about their age would foster a good working relationship.

“You say that children are the future and you never f*cking listen to what we say once we’re old enough to disagree with you, you decaying degenerates,” she said.

Maybe they have listened to you and realize you’re nothing but a big fat bag of hot air because you won’t listen to anyone but yourself.

The F-bombs kept coming.

“You really want to protect children? Pass some f*cking gun laws,” they/them screamed.

How about they/them take a step back and realize just for a second that the reason Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, was able to keep his guns was because of a program that the Obama administration came up with to end what they termed the “high school to prison pipeline?” The Obama DOJ cut deals with Florida counties in a quid pro quo where counties would get more federal funding if they were able to get the number of children committing crimes down. The school districts in those counties jumped onboard because they were told their schools would get extra funding if they could help cut down the number of children who commit crimes. Apparently, that’s a real problem in Florida.

Instead of doing the necessary work to come up with programs that could achieve less crime by students, the school boards cut deals with the local police so that they would not report every crime a teenager commits.

Yes, you read that right. They lowered the juvenile crime rates by not reporting juvenile crimes.

From a piece back in October, 2021:

“Cruz was known to be a menace in the community and police knew he had multiple guns that he would at times brandish and even fire off into the air. Police were called to his home at least a dozen times and they never confiscated his weapons or arrested him. You can thank Barack Obama and Eric Holder for that, because they came up with the program to stop what they called the School to Prison Pipeline.

The Obama administration wanted to help teens stay out of trouble with the law. They were either too stupid or too lazy to figure out how to do that. So, they came up with a plan which was they would grant extra funding to counties where the teen crime rates went down. Broward County saw that Dade County had gotten awarded grant money because they lowered their teen crime rate. Broward County officials ask them how they did it and so they went and did the same thing. What they did was they had their schools cut a deal with local law enforcement so that police would not arrest teens for certain crimes being committed. That way, the county would get grants of money from the Obama administration. The Democrats lowered the crime rate by not reporting crimes.

On any one of the times police were called to Cruz’s home for misuse of his firearms, the police could have arrested him and confiscated his many guns and Cruz may have ended up in a juvenile detention center. Those 17 people would still be alive if they did. I am convinced of that.”

They/them might also want to grow up and accept that guns have been with us since before this land was made a country. They are never going away. Once you accept that fact, and it is a fact, you can then move on to come up with ways that we can help defend children from gun violence but you have to be able to put your biases aside long enough to understand that criminals with guns do not obey gun control laws. They aren’t giving up their guns just because a gun control law is created. But the criminals with guns do react to good guys and gals (they’s and thems?) with guns who will use them responsibly to protect children in schools.

This means we have to get rid of Gun-Free School Zone laws and instead put up a big sign up that no one will miss right outside every school entrance that says the adults in the school may be armed and are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the kids.

A sign like this one:

SOURCE: Twitter screenshot @YALiberty

You have to be smart enough to realize that though a potential mass shooter may be crazy, he’s not stupid. Mass shooters who think there might be responsible adults inside the building who can shoot him graveyard dead will pick a different target. Probably a school with this sign outside instead:

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

González, being incapable of controlling herself, continued to throw so many F-bombs so freely I thought they/them was singing a rap song. At one point, they/them claimed they/them was “trying not to curse” and then went on to curse some more.

When González starts complaining about what goes on in Chicago each and every weekend, I might start listening to they/them. Actually, I think they/them would learn a lot more by listening to me. Until then, González can play all the proper pronouns games they/them wants.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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