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Will Wisconsin Officially Move Their Electoral College Votes to President Trump After 200,000 Mostly Biden Votes Were Ruled Illegitimate?

Although the Wisconsin Supreme Court has not been kind to President Trump, they did make one ruling that should flip the state to Trump. Wisconsin has strict rules for voting absentee.

Under Wisconsin law, a voter may receive a ballot by mail and bypass Wisconsin’s voter ID law, if the voter, by his own determination, concludes he “confined” based on age, physical illness, or infirmity.

But they specifically ruled that Covid-19 does not make you unable to make it to the polls. However, they also ruled that it had to be taken individually and not a blanket tossing of the votes.

In the 2020 election, 215,000 people voted by mail. That is four times greater than in the previous election. That would mean it is likely there are 159,000 questionable votes that were counted.

Biden current leads in Wisconsin by just under 29,000 votes. With the 150,000 voters they need to show that 20,000 illegally voted by mail. That should be a cakewalk compared to what the president has been going through. The question is will Wisconsin help or hinder such an investigation.

The court said the government’s interpretation of Wisconsin’s indefinitely confined was erroneous. “A county clerk may not “declare” that any elector is indefinitely confined due to a pandemic,” the court said. The court further stated that, “…the presence of a communicable disease such as COVID-19, in and of itself, does not entitle all electors [voters] in Wisconsin to obtain an absentee ballot…”

From The Gateway Pundit

Moreover, the court stated that lockdown orders do not meet the requirements under Wisconsin law to allow a voter to claim the status of “indefinitely confined” either.

Will the Republican leadership stand up and disqualify these votes and assign all their electoral votes to President Trump and will these be included in VP Pence’s decision next week when recognizing who won the 2020 election?

There has been much about this election that is so strange it cannot be believed. Five states quit counting votes on election night. That has never been done before. And at the time, President Trump led in all five states. Massive amounts of new votes appeared from nowhere giving Joe Biden the lead. And new information coming in all the timer just adds to the suspicion.

There has been no word on whether anyone is checking on those ballots they want to be tossed out. It may be that the votes were not sent in by them but by someone using their name to vote.

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