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Will the Gov. Get Arrested? Police Alerted to Latest Sexual Assault Claim Against Cuomo

Gov Andrew Cuomo could have even deeper problems than impeachment. he now has to worry about prosecution. It could be used as leverage against him.

They could offer not to prosecute him for sexual assault in exchange for his resignation. Given that choice, he could give up the ghost and resign. At least it beats prison.

In the latest case, he is accused of putting his hand under the blouse of an aid and fondling her breasts.

It will be hard to deny since she immediately reported his actions to her supervisor.

It’s ironic too because he was very forceful over Brett Kavanaugh. He insisted that he take a lie detector test. Will Cuomo agree to a lie detector test?

I think we both know the answer to that.

Democrats are saying that Trump was much worse, but remember, both women who complained about Trump agree that the sex was consensual, they just saw a way to make a quick buck. Only one woman accused him of improper conduct and a video proved she lied.

On Thursday, a New York agency referred the latest sexual assault claim against Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) to the Albany police.

The New York State Executive Chamber, which is actually part of Cuomo’s own office referred the charges to the Albany police. He will now be investigated as a sexual predator. They were just following proper protocol.

From PJ Media

Cuomo categorically denied the accusation. “I have never done anything like this,” the governor said on Wednesday. In a statement last month, Cuomo denied all sexual assault claims. While he admitted that “my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal” and that “some of the things I have said may have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation,” he insisted, “I never inappropriately touched anybody and I never propositioned anybody and I never intended to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

Attorney General Letitia James (D-N.Y.) is assembling a team to investigate the sexual assault claims.

Some of the women who made the sexual assault claims had previously spoken up, but explosive developments in the COVID-19 nursing home scandal drew fresh attention to these claims. No fewer than six women have come forward accusing Cuomo of sexual assault.

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