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Will Smith Slapped Oscars Host Chris Rock in the Face After Making a Joke About His Wife Jada

Last night during the 94th Academy Awards, host Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith‘s shaved head. At first, her husband Will Smith laughed at the joke, until his wife Jada rolled her eyes in disgust.

As he was presenting the award for best documentary, Rock joked, “Jada, I love you. G.I. Jane II, can’t wait to see it.” He was referring to Demi Moore‘s character in the film of a US Senator enabling a woman to be able to join the Combined Reconnaissance Team training when everyone expects her to fail.

Once Jada rolled her eyes, some in the audience indicated that the joke did not go over that well. Rock responded in kind.

“That was a nice one,” Rock said, trying to use his comedic talents to regain his act.

Maybe Rock didn’t know it, but Jada has been very open about her battle with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss all over the body.

Will Smith got up on stage and started walking toward Rock, who said, “I’m out here… Uh oh…” and laughed as Smith walked up to him and slapped him across the face.

Rock took the slap in stride as Smith turned around and walked back to his seat with his wife, saying, “Wow… Will Smith just smacked the sh*t out of me.”

At that point, Smith shouted at the top of his lungs, “You keep my wife’s name out yo f**king mouth!”

Rock responded, saying, “Wow, dude,” in a tone that meant, “really?”

Smith responded, “Yes!”

Rock replied, “It was a G.I. Jane joke.”

Smith then repeated, only louder, “Keep my wife’s name out yo f**king mouth!”

Rock then replied, “I’m going too, okay?”

WATCH: — WARNING :- Foul language -:

The theater went all silent for a minute and Rock came out and said, “That was the greatest night in the history of television.”

You could tell that Rock was stunned that Will Smith assaulted him, especially when he was originally laughing at the joke. At one point, the comedian/actor stood on stage looking to the side, at people backstage, and I had the feeling that he was trying to decide, “do I go on with the show, have him arrested, or just walk?” Sadly, I think Rock’s career would have ended if he didn’t pick the right response, which was to let the show go on.

According to The Epoch Times, Chris Rock is not pressing charges against Will Smith.

“LAPD investigative entities are aware of an incident between two individuals during the Academy Awards program,” the police department told CNN and other news outlets in a statement on Monday. “The incident involved one individual slapping another. The individual involved has declined to file a police report. If the involved party desires a police report at a later date, LAPD will be available to complete an investigative report.”

A little over a half hour later, Smith was called up on stage to accept an Oscar for Best Actor when he apologized to the Academy and fellow nominees because of his violent outburst, but not to Chris Rock.

Here’s what other rich and famous people at the awards show looked like after Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock.

Here’s the full collage:

SOURCE: Twitter screenshot @LORRAKON

A lot of people chimed in on social media over this incident, half siding with the victim of assault, Chris Rock and the other half making excuses for Will Smith’s act of violence.

Some people just couldn’t help to point out some ironies.

And what would a night like that at the Oscars be without a lunatic nut job analyst from CNN blaming everything on the network’s nemesis, Donald Trump? I’m not kidding.

When talking about why the people in the Dolby Theater stuck around after the incident, CNN’s Asha Rangappa said it was because of Trump.

“So did like anyone walk out after that happened??? Or are we getting an independent psychological case study on how Trump got normalized?”

From Fox News:

CNN famously drifted away from its once-nonpartisan style to an anti-Trump, liberal network under former boss Jeff Zucker, who was forced to step down earlier this year. Incoming boss Chis Licht is expected to attempt to steer the network back toward the just-the-facts approach to news that founder Ted Turner intended.

Rangappa, who is one of the network’s more outspoken liberals on social media, was mocked last year for comparing a Southwest pilot who objected to President Biden to an ISIS sympathizer. A pilot on a Southwest flight from Houston to Albuquerque signed off his announcement for passengers by saying, “Let’s Go Brandon,” according to an Associated Press journalist who was reportedly on the flight.

In the middle of the night, the Twitter account @TheAcademy posted a tweet denouncing violence.

But they just did by allowing Will Smith to stay after hitting the host on stage, and then they allowed him to accept an award. Like everything else in Hollywood, The Academy is phony.

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