Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany gave the liberal news a little homework when one asked if President Trump would consider pardoning Obama for his crimes.

She said she had not talked to President Trump about that particular question but encouraged the room to become real investigative reporters and ask Obama’s spoke person these questions:

Why did the Obama administration use opposition research funded by a political organization and filled with foreign dirt to surveil members of the Trump Campaign?

Why was lieutenant General Flynn unmasked? Not by the intel community entirely but by Obama’s chief of staff, by the former vice president Joe Biden, by Susan Rice, by the Treasury Secretary?

Why was Flynn’s identity leaked? It’s a criminal act to release Flynn’s identity to the press but it happened.

Why did the DOJ , Sally Yates learn about the unmasking from President Obama? So much for going by the book.

Why did James Clapper, Johns Brennan, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice privately admit under oath they had no evidence of inclusion while saying the opposite?

Wow. I wonder if they will do their homework.