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Will Johnson exposes what the left calls “rights”

Will Johnson, the founder of Unite America First, is exposing the left’s hypocrisy again, this time over the pro-choice movement and also how the left says they are pro-woman rights yet have nothing to say about men in women’s sports – threatening their scholarship opportunities- and in bathrooms making them feel their privacy has been hindered and at times when men are replacing women- claiming they are women.

“What in the Hell is going on?  A Man is nominated for Woman of the Year- and all of a sudden they are for women’s rights,” Johnson said.

“They don’t want you saying pro-life, because that means it shows that they are pro-death,” Johnson said in a recent video.  “Death is what they want, but they don’t like the stain of that. The whole thing about defending Women’s rights is a lie and a way of confusing people.”

“They are pro-death. We are about pro-life, giving the child a chance at life and opportunity and they are about killing the child and ending their life,” Johnson said, showing a video of a woman calling for the end of the phrase “Pro-life” to describe Republicans.

Johnson asks how Democrats are seen as ‘Women’s Rights’ with the hypocrisy of not protecting the life of a yet-born little girl in her Mother’s womb?

Johnson asks what choice the left is talking about when they claim they are behaving in  “pro-choice” ways.

As Johnson reminds people, the courts are not taking anyone’s rights away at this time, yet they are acting like they want to burn the country down again – even if Roe V. Wade is overturned and taken back to the states for people to vote about, that does not remove anyone’s rights under the US Constitution.

Johnson wrote on Twitter that he was feeling puzzled about the left.

And he asked if people saw the Democrats as champions of women, as they are acting in all of these ways that are counter to actually protecting women.

As is his unique style, Johnson sees the double standards of the left, and the foolishness of the media, and the confusion of the people to dare say that Democrats are about ‘Women’s Rights’.

One poster on Twitter was calling out a leftist- who was posting about abortion- “So apparently our peace loving liberal Amanda Duarte is a very sick and disturbed individual who is a repeat offender when it comes to vile,disgusting,violent, and hateful speech! If this isn’t considered hate speech I don’t know what is! But it seems she was given a lefty pass!”

Johnson found the ultimate hypocrisy of the same White Progressive Liberal woman, Amanda Duarte, talking like an ‘actual white supremacist’.

“What does this say about Black men? Is she saying that all Black men are raptists?” Johnsons asked.

Duarte appears to have a love for abortion that is confusing. Look at this shocking tweet:

Johnson showed a number of videos that were truly disturbing.

“Tell me how this is not demonic,” Johnson said, talking about women intentionally getting pregnant so they can have an abortion and menstrual products in men’s bathrooms.

“This is sick planet,” Johnson said.

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