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Why the Media Wants You To Pay Attention to the Proud Boys

The political left had a temper tantrum on Saturday by kicking their favorite scapegoat, the Proud Boys, because trashing and punishing American men is a fantasy and a hobby for the left, to be honest, and things are not going the left’s way right now. The Proud Boys is a group of American men of all shapes, colors, and sizes who describe themselves as a “drinking club with a Patriot problem.” Like traditional American men, the proud boys don’t appear to like to be gaslighted and bullied by the government.

The Proud Boys were trending on Twitter on Saturday for what they might wear.

Late last week, the media had driven a cancel culture campaign against the Proud Boys to pressure hotels not to rent them rooms in DC during the next week.

I covered that story:

Supporters of Trump’s target political opponents of the left who want to control and dominate others. And they are obsessed with the Proud Boys to the point that a news company, The Hill, is reporting on what the Proud Boys ‘might wear’ to an upcoming rally for President Donald J. Trump.

Of course, that allowed leftist to call them “racists,” which is a common fantasy:

Look at this article from the Hill on Saturday, Proud Boys to attend Jan. 6 DC rallies ‘incognito’, that Kaelean Deese wrote:

“Members of the far-right group the Proud Boys will attend Washington, D.C., rallies for President Trump on Jan. 6 “incognito,” with leaders of the group saying they will dress in “all BLACK” to mimic the attire of anti-fascist groups and counterprotesters.

The group is known for its signature black and yellow clothing during rallies and protests, where they typically appear in large groups. The group’s chairman, Enrique Tarrio, announced on social media that group members “might dress in all BLACK for the occasion.”

Additionally, members of the group will likely branch off into smaller formations to remain “incognito.”

Why is that news?

Antifa attacked women, older adults, and children walking down the street to a rally for Trump. Proud Boys have been stabbed, and two male supporters of Trump’s have been shot dead in the street at gatherings.

The Hill reports: “Both the Proud Boys and some violent sects of counterprotest groups known as Antifa have been at odds in recent months during public political events, often engaging in physical conflict due to ideological differences.

Last month, four stabbings occurred near a bar that served as a home base for Proud Boys members following a pro-Trump protest in the city.”


“Despite escalating tensions ahead of Wednesday’s planned mass gatherings, Trump has been eager to invite any of his supporters to D.C,” The Hill reported, apparently attempting to scare people from attending the nation’s capital next week to support Trump.

Ask yourself, is this really news? Why is The Hill reporting on the Proud Boys clothing? Why does the left need a kicking post and scapegoat in the first place?

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