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Why Does Jake Tapper Have to Be Constantly Corrected by Trump Advisor About Unsourced Statements?

Jake Tapper of CNN News often posts unsourced statements that are so “gossipy” they would make a 1980’s Soap Opera star blush, and Jason Miller, a senior advisor for the campaign to re-elect President Donald J. Trump has to constantly correct him.

Sunday Tapper, who frequently mocks supports of Trump’s for reading information online that he calls “conspiracy” , and for investigating fake news and government corruption, went on a binge of spreading misinformation, proving he is wreckless and unconcerned about the consequences of pushing his very own misinformation campaign. 

Tapper is one of a large group of American :journalists:  whose stories when negative about Republicans, or supporters of Trump’s are unsourced, unverified, and incorrect.  As a whole, the American media has a terrible record for getting the story right and conveying information to the public, which they need to make informed decisions. 

In some parts of world history, stories like Tapper’s would be properly labeled “Propaganda”. 

Tapper posted about conversations between Trump’s intimates, without sourcing who his information came from, which Miller said was not true.  Miller would know since he is a part of the group that Tapper was gossiping about.

Miller had to correct Tapper numerous times, in what should be complete humiliation to the left who claim they rule America with “journalistic integrity”.

Here is the exchange: 


Here Tapper is talking about “sources close to POTUS”. So who would be Tapper’s source? He never mentions. And while similar to little girls gossiping on the playground, these types of posts by Tapper are what is fueling numerous media stories, at a time when the American public are looking for information about hugely important matters.

The ‘News” media picks up on these unsourced and unverified tid-bits and make them into major stories, and create a narrative that impacts public opinons and outlook.

For grown ups, it is important to get these things right.


“This is 100% false. There is no truth to this report whatsoever. CoS Meadows, Dave Bossie, Jared Kushner, Rudy, myself and everybody else are on the same page – we all work for @realDonaldTrump and follow his lead, and there is no daylight between us,” Miller wrote.

Is it possible that Tapper doesn’t know how to contact Miller for a statement?

It is almost as if Tapper doesn’t understand that the Presidential election has a life-changing impact on American citizens. The lack of respect for these types of stories should send Americans fleeing from faulty thinking, the lazy work ethic, and the childishness of the established media.

We are better than this- we deserve better than this.

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