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Why Did UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and 50+ Government Officials Just Resign?

Here are the details:

As you may have heard, Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, has formally announced his resignation.

This might have surprised some of you. I am aware that while many of us in America try to stay current with the events of the world as much as possible, we are not always able to do so and may not fully comprehend how or why something like this came about. So allow me to summarize for you.

Scandal after scandal have plagued the Boris Johnson administration. Just a few will be briefly mentioned.

First of all, there were many doubts about his ability to perform the job in the first place. He was a journalist once, but he was sacked for making up stuff.

He also had an affair at one point while he was a junior minister and then lied about it.

Then, he became the mayor of London, but while in office, he spent taxpayer money on his American mistress to try and further her career.

He tried to put his wife in a government position when he became the prime minister, but that was put to a stop by some staff.

But the real problems really started last year when he tried to change the rules to protect a corrupt official who abused his office by pocketing money in order to lobby for someone else.

It was, however, the scandal known as Partygate that turned the population against Johnson and effectively prevented him from returning to his key legislative agenda post-Brexit.

Still Johnson said he would fight on, dancing around questions he might try to trigger a snap election.

At this point scholars, pundits and lawyers were debating whether there was any codified legal mechanism in Britain’s informal constitution, bound together principally by tradition, that could evict Johnson if he refused to leave Downing Street.

Potentially the Queen herself, as the head of state, would have to breach convention and intervene directly to remove him from government.

On Thursday, Johnson finally caved to pressure and resigned. This comes immediately following the resignations of 59 members of his government within a 48 hour timeframe.


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