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Why are Dems so Sad About the Election? They Could Have the most Radical POTUS Ticket Yet

After the Presidential Election, which appears to be in complete shambles, but leaning their way, the Democrats are openly angry and frustrated over what they see are losses in the country in House and Senate races, as the voter base does seem to be moving further to the right, in general.

Yet their candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are apparently winning on the very radicalism of Community Organizers and Green New Deal activists. Does this signify an odd pattern in voting behavior? Is there a problem in the Democrat Party?

The Official Democrat Socialist spokesperson said that Democrat Socialists are not about the Democrat party, yet Democrat Socialists claim victories, for Democrats.

The wins have happened especially in places like Oregon and Maine, adding to even more confusion about who and what the Democrat Party, that one that could run the United States shortly, is all about:

One interesting point of view came from Jeet Heer, who aptly pointed out that the Democrat party has two competing ideologies guiding them at the current time, and one of those ideologies is simply not popular with the people: that being socialism.

Numerous Democrat Party leaders are openly questioning the push for far left and radical changes to American culture and Government, and that conversation is going on while waiting for the final results on the further left Presidential ballot, which is still to be determined.

During this time it is becoming clear that Americans moved further to the right than ever before.

One might think that party would be openly eager to congratulate each other over such a huge victory.

It is an interesting time in American history.

Reuters reported, Friday:

Some U.S. House of Representatives Democrats on Thursday blamed Tuesday’s election losses on colleagues who embraced defunding police departments and “socialist” policies, according to sources familiar with a phone call they held.

Democrats went into this week’s congressional elections, in which all 435 House seats were up for grabs, with high hopes of significantly building on their majority control of the chamber.

Instead, in a jolt that has cast a pall over the party even as Democrat Joe Biden was close to toppling President Donald Trump, the party suffered the net loss of about a half-dozen House seats.

Democrats are expected to nonetheless hold onto their majority in the new Congress that convenes on Jan. 3.

According to a source who was on Wednesday’s phone call, Democratic Representative Abigail Spanberger criticized some of her fellow Democrats for support of defunding police departments after a string of deaths of Black people during arrests or shootings by law enforcement personnel. Spanberger did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

Spanberger, a former CIA analyst, was narrowly leading a Republican opponent in her bid for a second term representing a formerly Republican stronghold district in Virginia.

The Wall Street Journal reported, Thursday:

Democratic lawmakers expressed frustration with party leaders over the loss of several congressional seats, saying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others oversold their prospects and didn’t adequately protect members from being attacked as socialists.

Party leaders had predicted gains in the House, but instead are taking losses. House Republicans had picked up a net gain of five seats by late Thursday, flipping seven districts held by Democrats and shrinking the Democrats’ majority.

If the Democrat Party is victorious with Biden/ Harris it may become a passtime to watch the Democrat Party try to deal with each other, let alone deal with the rest of us.

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