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Whoopi Spars With Conservative Tara Setmayer on ‘The View’ Over Gun Control Wanting To Get Rid of the AR-15

She doesn’t listen to anyone when she’s on a rant.

I watched “The View” so that you didn’t have to. You’re welcome. The co-hosts got into a banshee match against guest host Tara Setmayer who they believe is a conservative because she is a former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill, but she also worked as a CNN political commentator and an ABC News contributor. The shouting was over the topic of potential gun control laws.

Setmayer said that red flag laws are an effective solution that both parties can “find compromise on,” which I vehemently disagree.

Red flag laws are where someone can call law enforcement and tell them that someone in their neighborhood is dangerous and has a gun. The law allows law enforcement to them go to a judge and as that the person be temporarily banned from purchasing and possessing a firearm.

Put aside the fact that the Second Amendment does not allow this, if you thought hate hoax crimes and #MeToo hoaxes are bad, wait until people start calling in red flag law hoaxes on a neighbor they don’t like or someone they had an argument with that did not involve any guns. Red flag laws say that based on someone’s word, with no evidence, an American citizen can lose their Second Amendment right to defend themself.

Sunny Hostin, one of the other co-hosts, said that banning the AR-15, the bogey man gun for leftist anti-Second Amendment gun haters, is a better solution. Setmayer then pushed back.

“I don’t have a problem with banning AR-15s,” Setmayer said. I do. “The issue here is that the majority of mass shootings in this country are committed with handguns, not AR-15s. The FBI defines mass shootings as 4 or more people [shot or killed] which are committed with handguns in the majority of this country. So, the argument of just banning AR-15’s is not going to stop the mass shooting problem.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg then let it be known that she didn’t listen to a thing Setmayer just said.

“You’re blowing smoke right now,” Goldberg said, interrupting Setmayer.

“No I’m not, Whoopi, they’re facts,” Setmayer said back. “I’m not blowing smoke. I’m offering you practical solutions.”

“You’re blowing smoke at the table, and let me explain why,” Goldberg said. “The issue here, there are all of these things, you’re right, strengthen all of the laws. Do all of that. But get the AR-15 off the market. I know, you say that’s not a way to do it but you know what it will start the process because right now nothing has been done. Personally, I’m sick and tired of people making excuses. It’s one gun, get it off the market! It’s one gun. Just do that, and keep doing everything else you keep saying you want to do.”

Setmayer pointed out that a ban on the AR-15 won’t pass Congress, but that didn’t stop Goldberg from spreading more nonsense, saying then we’ll just “sit around and we’ll watch more people go.”

She was just told that most mass shootings are done using handguns and not the AR-15, but Whoopi doesn’t listen to reason when she’s running her mouth and showboating for the audience.

Golberg responded to Setmayer saying, “A handgun does not turn people to dust.” Neither does an AR-15. Where did she get that information? Whoopi advocated a slippery slope argument. “Start with the first thing that can eliminate a child. You know how big a child’s body is?”

“So what happens to the black market, then?” Setmayer later said. “So let’s say we ban the AR-15. AR-15s are the most popular weapon in this country.”

“Well, you know what? I’ll tell you what happens. The same thing that [is] being threatened to women who decide ‘maybe I need to go talk to somebody about an abortion,’ what do they say? You got an AR-15, we will put your ass in jail.”


Back in October 2015, Goldberg called for more gun control laws on “The View” and then admitted that she’s a gun owner.

“You want to get a gun? I need to know the background of your family. I need to make sure you don’t have children in your household and that walk over and just get the gun. I need to make sure that your stuff is locked up.” She then admitted, “I’m a gun owner.” She then tried to justify her hypocrisy, saying, “Yes. This is not new…. I am responsible. I’m a responsible person.”

The background of someone else’s family is none of Whoopi’s business. Who does she think she is? By her own logic, how do we know she’s a responsible person? She says some of the most irresponsible things on TV. The proper response would be, “It’s none of your business.”

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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