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Whoopi Goldberg Calls House Republicans ‘Domestic Terrorists’ After Voting Against A Bill

Whoopi Goldberg is either an idiot or she is against free speech. On The View, a left-wing program called Republican members of the House Domestic terrorists because they voted against the bill. Only the corrupt Adam Kinzinger voted for the bill. We have seen this battle before when Chuck Schumer tried to pass a nearly identical bill in 2021.

The problem with the bill is how it will be enforced and that decision is up to Merrick Garland. During testimony before congress, Garland labeled the January 6th protesters as domestic terrorists, but would not classify either antifa or BLM as domestic terrorists.

In the United States, you are permitted to speak out on anything you please as long as you do not break any laws. Once you break the law, you should be punished. But BLM and antifa protesters are rarely charged even when they try to burn a federal courthouse after they barricaded the building, trapping people inside.

But, what about the January 6th protesters? They are placed in solitary confinement in cells that are squalid and served food that is undercooked. They are denied medicines needed for cancer and other dangerous medical conditions. They can have no visitors, including their lawyers. This is exactly the Republicans voted against the bill. Because domestic violence is not equal.

January 6th was a one-time three-hour engagement. The BLM and antifa riots were in the hundreds. Four police officers were injured. In the antifa and BLM riots, 700 police officers were injured. On January 5th, no buildings were set on fire and the total damage done is said to be $1.5 million. In Minneapolis alone, 1,500 buildings were burned down and total damages are somewhere between one to two BILLION dollars.

On January sixth two people died violent deaths. Both were protesters and both were women that were not threatening anyone. Ashli babbitt was shot by an overzealous Capitol police officer. Babbitt was unarmed. The officer was Black. But, what if the officer was white and the unarmed victim was Black? There would be calls for his immediate arrest and that he be sent to prison for life.

The second victim was Roseanne Boyland, who was trampled to death as police pushed back the crowd and she was trampled to death. True, the protesters were trying to break through the police lines, but once several people were knocked off their feet, the police should have stopped long enough for them to get on their feet. Boyland was also viciously attacked by a female Capitol policewoman who beat her with a club and only stopped when the club broke.

25 five people were killed during the BLM/antifa riots.

And what did the ladies of the view have to say?

From Daily Caller

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg called House Republicans “domestic terrorists” Thursday after the majority voted against legislation to combat domestic terrorism.

“The View” then played footage of Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan saying the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee called antifa is a “myth” and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz warning that “mainstream Christianity” may come under attack.

“What an idiot,” co-host Joy Behar said, referencing Jordan.

“When did Washington really get to be a place where stopping domestic terrorism is divisive?” Goldberg asked.

“I guess when they’re part of the problem,” Behar responded.

“When the domestic terrorists are voting on the bill,” Goldberg added.

I wonder what The View would have to say about a bill that targets BLM and antifa. I think you already know.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Will

    May 21, 2022 at 10:53 am

    Jesus man, I love what you’re saying but this is the worst written article I have ever read. It’s stuff like this that give us MAGA people a bad name. Get a new editor, please.

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