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WHO Director Declares Expert Panel’s 9-6 Vote a ‘Tie’ Just So He Could Declare a Monkeypox Public Health Emergency [VIDEO]

How soon do you think Democrats will demand mail-in voting for the coming midterms because of this?

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), made a bizarre move this weekend by choosing to dismiss or ignore the agency’s special advisory committee and declared the spread of monkeypox a “public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC).” He did this even though he has no medical background to speak of and despite him already saying that the spread of the virus was “moderate.”

An expert with the World Health Organization (WHO) said the spread of the monkey pox will probably be contained in countries that are outside the continent of Africa and suggested that the threat is being exaggerated.

I reported back in late May:

WHO Director for Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness, Sylvie Brand, said to the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland that she has monitored monkey pox for years without a viral spread.

“It’s also very important for this, again, limited outbreak to have excellent global coordination and collaboration. We need to share information, share diagnostic resources [and] share data,” Briand said.

“We encourage you all to increase the surveillance of monkeypox to see where transmission levels are and understand where it is going,” Briand added.

We are at a point in time when we do not believe a single thing we hear from so-called “health experts.” Health experts lied to us for over two years about the COVID pandemic. Many believe the politics behind COVID-19 caused nearly a million deaths in the US. People are reluctant to listen to governmental organizations anymore and with good reason.

Briand also said that the disease can be contained with pragmatic measures like early detection and isolating the infected.

“Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill,” she said.

It is things like this that make sovereign people wonder just what the hell is going on.

Back in May, Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” where he told host Laura Ingraham that there are regulations with the WHO that go back to 2005 that gave nation states like the US the ability to collaborate and act so that the WHO was not acting with unilateral power. In other words, the WHO would act as an advisory organization and countries got to keep their sovereignty.

According to Smith, Joe Biden added an amendment among a series of amendments that went into effect on May 22, at the World Health Assembly that removes our sovereignty by striking lines through the language that Congressman Smith mentioned. Thanks to the Biden amendments, if the WHO makes a judgement like the one it just did on monkeypox, and the United States does not agree that it is in an emergency for itself, the country has 48 hours to give an accounting to the WHO or we have to accept the WHO’s declaration.

The point here is that when you have a corrupt regime like the Biden administration, it doesn’t matter if the regulations say a country has to give up sovereignty or not. The Biden regime will act like it believes the WHO is correct and comply with anything they order, including lockdowns and other mitigation crap we have already endured through COVID. So, the US government could quietly ask the WHO to make a directive just so that the regime could use that directive to control its people with mitigation orders.

Of course, the lying misinformation news media, along with their lying fact-checkers, came right out and said that Biden did not give up our sovereignty but listen for yourself:

Tedros was the health minister for Ethiopia where he did an extraordinarily horrible job by covering up a lot of bad things, was placed into his current job as director general of the WHO by Xi Jinping, the head of the Communist Chinese Party, who lobbied for him, and provided a lot of money to get him in there. Apparently, the WHO is not the only organization that takes Chinese money to do their bidding. Ask most, if not all, of the mainstream media about that. It became apparent when he dutifully put out false information about COVID-19 to cover up for the Chinese lab in Wuhan. To this day, the WHO has still not come clean on the origins of COVID-19, even though we all know it originated in China.

By all accounts, the man is an incompetent boob. Besides covering up multiple outbreaks of cholera in Ethiopia, he was also too slow to react to an Ebola outbreak in African on his watch. And then he screwed up the timing to be able to handle COVID-19, possibly causing thousands of deaths in the process, all due to the lies he spread to help the Chinese government. To this day, China has never been held accountable for what it did.

Now it appears instead of acting too slow, Tedros has jumped the gun and overreacted to the monkeypox situation even though the medical experts have already said the outbreak doesn’t merit being labeled as a public health emergency of international concern. But the American Democrats have midterm elections coming up and they need a reason to force mail-in voting so that they can win.

The special advisory committee, which Tedros he is not required to adhere to their decisions, but he is expected to listen to and consider them, determined last month that the spread of monkeypox globally did not yet rise to the level of a global emergency. By a majority vote of its 15 members last week, the panel voted that the situation has not changed. According to Reuters, 9 panel members opposed using the label PHEIC, and 6 supported it.

Reuters then acted in a way that makes me wonder what sort of madness is going on here. Tedros overrode the panel to declare a global emergency and Reuters reported the panel being overridden as a tie-breaker. I think even Kamala Harris would know that a vote of 9 – 6 is not in any way, shape, or form a tie. Maybe Reuters is receiving money from someone because it’s almost like they played the parrot by repeating Tedros narrative when he said on Saturday that he “had to act as a tie-breaker.”

So there you go. The director general of the WHO, a known incompetent with no medical background, overrode a panel of 15 to declare monkeypox a global pandemic. The only question I have at this point is, how soon do you think the DC Democrats will announce we need mail-in voting because of a monkeypox global outbreak? Remember, the Democrats don’t need millions of Americans to believe that they have to vote by mail because they fear catching monkeypox. All they need is the “perception” that there are millions of people who feel that way to call for mail-in voting. And they will be helped to push that false perception by the misinformation news media, the phony fact-checkers, and the censoring tech tyrants. We have to stop them if we ever want free and fair elections ever again.

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