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Whistleblower Says Garland Is In Violation Of The Law With Latest Edict

Whistleblowers are enshrined in US Law, but Merrick Garland so the law does not apply to him. If government employees see leadership doing something they shouldn’t be doing, they are allegedly protected against retaliation, although over the past ten years or so, Democrats have retaliated many times regardless of the law. Merrick Garland’s warning is definitely meant as a threat to whistleblowers. The last thing he wants is honesty in the ranks.

According to attorney Mike Davis, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland just ordered that no members of the DOJ can contact Congress.  That’s against the law. In a Twitter thread on Tuesday night, Davis revealed that Merrick Garland informed all employees of the DOJ that they may not talk to members of Congress.

§7211. Employees’ right to petition Congress

The right of employees, individually or collectively, to petition Congress or a Member of Congress, or to furnish information to either House of Congress, or to a committee or Member thereof, may not be interfered with or denied.

(Added Pub. L. 95–454, title VII, §703(a)(3), Oct. 13, 1978, 92 Stat. 1217 .)

Davis then provided a copy of the memo that was signed by Garland.

Davis has been very straightforward in making it clear that President Trump did nothing wrong in the run-up to the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.  Presidents have the undeniable right to declassify records and they also have the ultimate decision on what documents belong to them and which ones go to the archives. Davis says that any statement that President Trump did anything wrong before the raid is simply not true.

From The Gateway Pundit

Davis shared the following:

This is much bigger than President Trump.  This is destructive to the Presidency and it’s lawless…

…I always say Steve that the DC politicians are the only reptiles on the planet who lack backbones.  So what the Trump supporters, conservatives, need to be doing, the War Room possey is to keep raising hell because that will help these DC politicians to find their backbones…

…Number one you have a 4th Amendment violation because you have a clearly biased judge in US magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart who recused from President Trump’s civil lawsuit versus Hillary Clinton on June 22 because he had a 2017 Facebook post that bashed President Trump’s integrity.  So he should he should not even have been involved in this home raid warrant at all.  He is biased.  He has a clear judicial bias…This is an unconstitutional raid for that reason alone.

The other reason on this is an unconstitutional raid under the 4th amendment is because it was too intrusive.  President Trump was cooperating with the investigation…They judge shopped for this home raid because Merrick Garland leaked out that he deliberated for weeks to go get these records.  So he clearly judge shopped here to get this biased judge to order this home raid.  So this is a 4th amendment problem for that reason.

It’s also legally impossible for President Trump to have violated the Espionage Acts or the Presidential Records Act.

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