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Whistleblower and Dominion Staffer Saw Detroit Voter Fraud

UPDATE: Did whistleblower and Dominion staffer Melissa Carone see Detroit voter fraud? According to LeadStories: No, this claim is missing context. Carone was not a “staffer” for Dominion Voting Systems, she was contracted as a freelance worker to work for the company on election day. She did file an affidavit claiming she saw voter fraud in Detroit, but Chief Judge Timothy Kenny of the Third Judicial Circuit Court in Michigan dismissed her claims in a November 13, 2020, court ruling, stating her “allegations simply are not credible.”

Outsiders were allegedly hired to manage and operate the Detroit voting machines for Dominion Voting Systems. One of them, Whistleblower Melissa Carone is now on record with the court saying that she saw election fraud taking place right in plain sight.

She told her supervisor about witnessing the fraud and her boss simply said “We’re not here to run their election”. And the judge she informed about the voter fraud dismissed her.

He said the affidavits don’t mean a thing to him because the city of Detroit assured him that everything was done legally.


  • The same ballots being run repeatedly, where the same stack of 50 Biden ballots became 500 votes
  • No valid or legal oversight of ballot process, it was just Democrats policing Democrats
  • Poll workers duplicated ballots and were changing the votes on the ballots, stealing votes in plain sight!

Carone did report what she saw to the FBI, a criminal organization with a headquarters in Washington. They will do something about it but only if you consider creating a cover up, doing something. The company she was working for, Dominion Voting seems to have had many problems with the tabulations, every one of which benefitted Joe Biden.

From The Gateway Pundit

Carone is the whistleblower who was scheduled to go on Sean Hannity, but then was pulled at the last minute and appeared on Lou Dobbs insteadIs her testimony too explosive for now-liberal Fox News?

Media keeps asking “where’s the fraud?” and then IGNORES the sworn statements by courageous people like Carone who are coming forward.

At least 2 Michigan State Senators and 20 State Representatives have come forward asking for an audit, but will it happen in time? A Wayne County Judge stopped most of the cases two days ago.

The left-wing media and left-wing judges say that voter fraud witnesses like Melissa Carone are “not credible”

Will another judge take the charges seriously and do you think the original judge should be dismissed for ignoring eye witness testimony? This keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. But I have no faith in justice prevailing.

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