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Whistleblower Accuses Soros-Backed San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin of Withholding Evidence

A whistleblower has come forward and accused the San Francisco DA’s office of Chesa Boudin of forcing her to withhold evidence so they could convict a police officer of using excessive force. She claims two lawyers from the office approached her and gave her the order to hide the evidence or face being fired.

In her revised testimony, Megan Hayashi, a criminal investigator working in Chesa Boudin’s office said that a witness she had q1uestioned told her that the officer pulled out his baton as the man he was accused of using excessive force on wash beating up a woman. That would normally clear the officer, but the judge has not ruled and placed a gag order on those involved in the trial.

San Francisco police officer Terrance Stangel was accused of using excessive force when he used his baton against a man 2 years ago. He used the baton to subdue the suspect. His lawyers are now arguing that since the man was beating a woman, it was not an unnecessary use of force. They demand that he be free of all charges due to prosecutorial misconduct.

NBC Bay Area reported:

Prosecutors at the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office are being accused of withholding evidence in hopes of convicting a San Francisco police officer of excessive force.

The NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit has learned a criminal investigator for the DA’s office, Magen Hayashi, testified Thursday that she was ordered by her own co-workers – attorneys inside the district attorney’s office – to withhold evidence, and said she believed she would have been fired if she refused.

During her testimony, Hayashi told a judge she never disclosed the fact that she interviewed a witness who said just before Officer Stangel pulled out his baton, the man he struck could be seen beating a woman. In court documents filed earlier this week, Stangel’s attorney, Nicole Pifari, argued Stangel’s use of force was “reasonable and lawful under the circumstances and existing law.”

The officer’s legal team has filed a motion to dismiss the charges based on “prosecutorial misconduct” and “deceptive and reprehensible methods” used by the district attorney’s office. The judge has yet to rule on whether to throw out the case.

“The DA’s deceit and concealment of real evidence is disturbing, it is corrupt, and it is a violation of public trust,” Pifari wrote in the recent court filing. “Most importantly, however, it is illegal.”


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sueanne Sherrill

    January 30, 2022 at 8:57 pm

    I imagine alot of similar cases in California. I use to work for the State of CA for 13 years. Under fire entire time for questioning policies regarding HOMELAND Security and Voter Registration fraud. They attack your character. Forced to resign 12/2021 due to CV19 MANDATES. Fully vacinated in September 2021. Teminated due to signing a memo I had all FDA approved vacines in July 2021 (because as of then CV19 vacine NOT FDA approved) wasn’t approved till Aug 2021. They target and silence Employees that question Employees have no recourse because they are State Employees sad. I hope this young lady proves and takes all connected down. They should be put in prison. Treason Traiters this is a Political Agenda is to divide and destroy AMERICAN VALUES. Law enforcement and our court system last stand. Law enforcement character under attack next the court system hope people recognize how important this case is. Freedom on trial.

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