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While Dems Help Burn Down American Towns, Trump is Building a “Coalition of Nations” who Want Safety

By the time November rolls around for the Presidential election and Americans look back on the Summer of 2020 some people will see massive crime and domestic upheaval championed by many leading Democrats, and if they look hard enough, past the mainstream media,  they will see that the administration of President Donald J. Trump was busy building a coalition of nations, one built on entrepreneurship religious freedom, prosperity, technology innovation, and authentic hope for the future.

Liberals used to care about “world peace”, but now they will need to support candidates who are the violent agitators.

Leading Democrats like Vice President hopeful, Senator Kamala Harris has been encouraging the “defund the police” movement, even promoting a bail fund group for Marxist rioters, turning criminals on the streets.

Examples are numerous of Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and leading Congressman Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and others who openly post seditious comments about stopping Trump from bringing back law and order to American towns like Portland Oregon, a small town under violent siege from arsons.

America has a problem in Democrat managed states and towns.

In the meantime, Trump and his administration are traveling the Globe and making alliances with nations, who share a hopeful vision of the future for their people.

Recall, Pompeo recently said he would build a coalition.

Thursday Trump announced an important and historic peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Friday the US Secretary of State, Secretary Mike Pompeo announced a coalition with Austria.

“Important discussion with Austrian Minister Blümel, Ambassador Traina, and Austrian business representatives. Grateful for our business ties and the Austrian companies that invest in America, contributing to our shared economic prosperity,” Pompeo said.



Energy security and independence require governments to partner with one another, private industry, and civil society to secure a brighter future for all. We welcome Slovenia’s leadership on the #ThreeSeasInitiative, and commend its innovation and dedication to clean energy,” Pompeo said. 

“Proud to welcome Slovenia into the growing community of nations taking steps to secure their 5G networks, reflecting our common dedication to protecting the privacy and the individual liberties of citizens. Our new MOU is evidence of Slovenia’s strong leadership on global security.”


Czech Republic

“Honored to meet with Czech President Zeman in Prague. Our nations share a number of key priorities, including countering terrorism and nuclear energy cooperation. Our Czech friends are key Allies as we address global challenges and advance mutual priorities,” Pompeo said.

While Democrats are funding criminals, Trump is building alliances around the globe on a mutual desire for safety and law and order.

Newscom world reported on so “Clean Countries” Coalition.

“Many countries are choosing to allow only trusted vendors in their 5G networks. Examples include the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Romania, Denmark, and Latvia. Greece has agreed to use Ericsson, rather than Huawei, to develop its 5G infrastructure.

Some of the largest telecom companies around the globe are also becoming “Clean Telcos.” Orange in France, Jio in India, Telstra in Australia, SK and KT in South Korea, NTT in Japan, and O2 in the United Kingdom are rejecting doing business with tools of the Chinese Communist Party’s surveillance state, like Huawei.”


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