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Where’s the Civil War Leftists Warned About if Roe v Wade Was Ever Overturned?

The word has been out for a week that the US Supreme Court is most likely overturning the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, and so far, society hasn’t been burned to the ground. No one has taken to the streets, toppled statues, broken into, looted, then burned down businesses in cities across the country. Woke corporate executives aren’t coming out with commercials against the potential ruling, probably because their big PR firms advised them not to.

Leftist politicians and activists in the Politically Correct Death Squad have been telling us for half a century of a civil war that would erupt if the unconstitutional ruling was ever overturned. So, where is everyone? I mean, they promised!

Outside of a group of wannabe revolutionaries who protested outside the homes of the justices who voted with the majority, a felony action which was encouraged by the Biden administration’s mouthpiece Jen Psaki, according to her response where she refused to condemn it, and Chief Crazy B*tch Senator Elizabeth Warren screeching at the choir, the response was incredibly mild.

I can shout the word “RACIST!” and a few hundred wannabe revolutionaries will come out and protest on the streets almost instantly. If interest rates rose a quarter of a percent… okay, maybe not that, but leftists live to protest almost anything. We’re talking about abortion, the highest sacrament in the leftist Church of the Woke Supremacy, and there’s no war.

I wrote about the leaked initial draft document on Tuesday last week and in the last paragraph I made a guess as to who may have leaked the document and why because I thought there was no way that war would not break out in the streets of America.

“The draft document was obviously leaked by a leftist either sitting on the Court or working for the Court in an effort to cause protests, riots, and chaos in an attempt to intimidate the justices on the Supreme Court who voted to strike down Roe v Wade.”

Abortion is the top of the crazy pole of issues for the Left. It gives them power. It is the third rail of politics for politicians of any party.

Throughout my entire life, it was understood that the only thing you ever say about abortion in mixed company is that it’s a wonderful gift that God personally endowed on women and that it’s found in the footnotes on every page of the Constitution. You would get extra points if you mentioned that you cannot believe they haven’t made the anniversary of Roe a national holiday yet.

If you are a man and you ever did, God forbid, give your two cents, solicited or nay, on the subject, you could rest assured you would be bombarded by angry women shouting at you that a man has no right to talk about abortion, which I always found strange wondering how they would answer to the same statement when asked by a Pro-Life woman.

And you never dared point out the fact that throughout the whole process, the man, the father of the unborn baby, had absolutely no rights whatsoever. A father who wanted to have the baby had to sit at the mercy of the child’s mother with no legal say whatsoever. But if the mother decided to keep the baby, she could get the government to force him to pay for the child, that he had no rights over up to that point, for the next 18 years. That’s the kind of power abortion provided to the Left. And it goes beyond that.

Protests may come when the feckless Chief Justice John Roberts finally grows a pair and releases the actual ruling, something he should have done already to protect the country, but so far, nothing to really take note of has happened.

Think about all the protests that happened since Barack Obama became president. The Ferguson and Baltimore riots broke out because in one case Michael Brown tried to take a police officer’s gun to use it on him and was shot and killed, and the other when drug dealer Freddie Gray was killed while being transported to a police station when officers didn’t know he had back surgery a week before.

Then there were the protests that broke out when Donald Trump won the White House in 2016. The Left went into an apoplectic rage and that rage against Trump never ended when you think about it.

And then the world changed when George Floyd died of a drug overdose and a Minneapolis police officer was blamed, tried, and convicted over it. In Democrat-run cities across the nation, they started out looting stores, then burning them down. And that was day one. They then set police stations of fire and attacked a federal building. Then the Marxist group Black Lives Matter (BLM), that was formed under Obama’s watch, got involved and we watched as raging leftists toppled statues all across America, and increased the rioting and burning and looting, all summer long. Some idiots actually took over parts of a city and the cowering Democrats who ran them allowed it to happen.

All those things were coordinated. There are prominent leftist groups that send out tweets and use other apps we don’t even know about to ANTIFA and BLM groups and others. The logistics and communications that went on were very sophisticated.

Don’t believe me? During the Floyd riots, we saw pallets of bricks suddenly appear on certain street corners. Who do you think delivered them? Who paid for them? If not George Soros, then was it George Soros? (see what I did there?) We’ll never know, but dollars to donuts they are affiliated with the same people who can build a riot faster than an Eagle Scout can build a campfire.

And once the word went out, we saw thousands of lowlifes who were more than willing to come out of their mothers’ basements to go run the streets and damage anything they could get their hands on. Laws did not exist for these people because, for most of them, they didn’t. Democrat prosecutors, mayors, and city councils condoned a lot of it. They marched with the actual protesters while never mentioning the rioters.

And the riots had a positive effect. For the scumbags. The Marxists reached their goals. Lawmakers defunded their police departments to the detriment of the law-abiding residents in their jurisdictions. Critical race theory was pushed in schools, racist books were put on school reading lists, and buildings were renamed. Fear was the weapon of the Left.

Fear of riots could be the reason our country is going down the sewer right now. When Justice Roberts refused to hear the Texas case on voter fraud that could have turned the 2020 election around, he was said to have shouted at Alito and Thomas who mentioned Bush v Gore that they didn’t have riots back in those days.

The speculation has been that a leftist who works for one of the three leftist justices on the Supreme Court leaked the document to cause riots and chaos and mayhem in the hopes of scaring and intimidating one of the 5 justices to change their mind and save the most immoral SCOTUS ruling since the Dred Scott decision.

But it never happened. There was no huge revolt at the news that Roe v Wade was being aborted. We could be sitting in the calm of the middle of the storm, but I highly doubt it. Could it be that too many people in this country, contrary to what the misinformation news media has been telling us all along, are not in favor of abortion the way we’ve been told they are?

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