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“Where Am I Going?” – Confused Biden Ends Speech in PA, Walks Away From Crowd, Without A Mask, Goes Back To Podium, Get’s Cap, Walks Away Into Crowd Without A Mask!

Another day, another story, or two, about an aging man, who unfortunaltry is losing his mental faculties quickly.

Most Americans’ would have compassion for such a person, and try to help the family, if needed, in case they see him wandering down the street.

I grew up near a senior facility in which the door alarm would go off as those with dementia or other diseases would leave the facility without anyone to help them navigate the community.

The Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden, traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday promising to create a million new good-paying jobs.

Why Pennsylvania, because his handlers are working with the far left of the party to push the new green deal, which would in effect cost tens of thousands of PA and other energy workers their good-paying jobs, but Joe says not to worry because they could always go be a computer programmer.

So if he is elected, they would lose their energy jobs but get retrained, then move to Silicon Valley and work for Google, etc?

Joe actually, told actually told a group of coal miners in New Hampshire a year ago, they could “learn how to program, anyone who can throw coal into a furnace can learn to program.”

Of course this is insane, but they left is going with it anyway.

During the speech, Biden wiped his nose and mouth after he removed his mask.

After finishing up his speech where he promised to raise taxes, Biden bolted away from the podium without again answering questions from reporters.

“Where am I going? Am I going this way?” a confused Joe Biden asked as he walked over to people without a face mask!

Even though Joe wants us to believe COVID-19 is on the verge of killing 200K plus more Americans, he leaves his mask under the podium. After walking 15 yards, meets up with his security who tells him something, I thought it was, you forget your mask.

Nope, Sleepy Joe turns and embarrassingly heads back to the podium, reaches underneath, and pulls out a cap, not a mask! Walks back towards security who walks with Joe into a crowd without a mask on.

Joe Biden did the same thing yesterday and the media didn’t say a word.

Biden was caught indoors on Friday – no social distancing, no face mask.

No Mask Biden & Pelosi! Both Democratic Leaders Continue To Not Wear Or Incorrectly Wear Masks!

Biden also took off his face mask to cough.

As Joe would say, Come On Man!

He doesn’t want to wear a mask, he knows things are not out of control, and when coherent says things like ‘I am not a socialist, I beat all them in the primaries’.

Since Joe is normally not aware of what is going on but tries to follow the teleprompters, avoids questions, and only because he is being used by the left to get Kalama in the Oval Office, he continues the charade of running for president, instead of retiring at home after 47 years of accomplishing nothing productive for Americans.

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