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Censoring Social Media

When America is like Venezuela: Repressing Political Dissent with Hate Crimes Laws

Censorship is alive and well in the United States of America since former President Barack Hussein Obama, along with Republicans and Democrats in Congress, handed over authority for online censorship to foreign bodies to control. Most President Donald J. Trump supporters will agree that they have been personally censored or vilified in someway for their political speech. That brings the definition of American civil liberties into scrutiny.

How much further do we have to go until we are just like Venezuela?

According to Reuters in a recent article, “Venezuela’s law against hate is suddenly a key tool for Nicolás Maduro to repress dissent, particularly online. A Reuters review of over 40 recent arrests found in each case that authorities used the law to detain critics of the president, his aides, or allies.

In political moves that rival the Democrat Party, Reuters reported on these findings. They said, “In a review of more than 40 recent hate-law arrests, Reuters found that in each case, authorities intervened against Venezuelans who had criticized Maduro, other ruling party officials or their allies.

Despite its growing use by prosecutors, the hate law is considered unconstitutional and illegitimate by many  Venezuelan legal scholars consulted by Reuters. Not only does the law violate the right to free expression, they argue, it was also illegally enacted – drafted and rubber-stamped by a parallel legislature that Maduro created at the time to circumvent the opposition-controlled assembly. “

And like America, Socialist Venezuela has election integrity concerns, and that is many citizens are concerned about how the corrupt government is using the cover of “hate crime laws” to keep them quiet and marginalized especially after what they see as a corrupt election.

“The law played an important role in a nationwide election this month, Maduro’s opponents say, by cowing critics who had spoken out about the government in the runup to the vote. The election, widely considered a sham by the opposition, human rights groups and most Western democracies, finally gave control of the assembly, the last part of the national government not aligned with Maduro, to his allies.”

“Maduro is wielding the force of the state in a widening range of ways to tighten his grip on power in the impoverished South American country, now in its eighth year of economic crisis. To suppress dissent in poor neighborhoods, his government deploys special police, some of whom are convicted criminals, to conduct lethal raids and intimidate citizens. To appease enfeebled security forces, police and troops are often allowed to loot, extort and commit violent crimes. Maduro himself has been indicted by the United States for narcoterrorism and other alleged crimes,” Reuters reported.

Please Visit Reuters for the full article.

At a time in American history when so many people are seeing corruption within the United States Government, if feels to some Americans that Reuters report could be covering American.

Americans are beginning to realise that our system of Government isn’t really that much different from what we once considered “third world” countries.

What is concerning to many is what happens to our quality of life when Americans have no real freedom of choice?

The hopelessness that is created when living under such fraud and corruption is evident in the recent headline news out of the region with people dying trying to leave the country.

Reported Tuesday, 20 people died trying to escape from Venezuela.

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