An American celebrity with a massive platform of over 100 Million followers and a social justice warrior are responsible for an angry uprising in India over their crusade to impact government policies, and concerned pro-democracy politicians and citizens are determined to put an end to the unwanted intrusion in their political matters.

“Environmental extremist Greta Thunberg sparked a criminal conspiracy probe after sharing the wrong document with her nearly 5 million Twitter followers,” The Western Journal reported on Friday.

The investigation began after the 18-year-old Thunberg accidentally tweeted apparent orders advising her on what to post and say about sensitive world issues.

The Wednesday post on Twitter was quickly deleted, but not before being saved and shared by multiple accounts of concerned people. Pictures of Thunberg’s document reveal one of the suggested posts included a manufactured response supporting Indian farmers violently protesting their government in India, which was the social justice target.

Thunberg’s canned propaganda was echoed by American celebrity Rihana, providing a massive reach of impressionable young people and other Community activists who would carry the messaging to more Millions of people.

“This pattern is similar to what Antifa did to overthrow Trump. Thankfully such coup attempt got exposed before it could have taken off in India,” a Hindu activist from India told me.

“There is a pattern. I would be happy to share. You to know basic Our Opposition party Congress & US President Joe Biden Democrat are under the same group called Progressive Alliance. The game starts here & the thin thread to connect is a person called George Soros. Hope u all know him,” activist Ganesh wrote to me.

For decades leftist groups have relied upon young people to build their army of foot soldiers of activists, agitating them with propaganda to exploit their natural sense of justice and mercy by introducing hopeful youth to stories of hurt people who needed a champion, where the injustice had been invented or even imagined.

Young people worldwide have been used to topple legitimate governments in favor of corrupt authoritarian regimes, and India is not having it.

We have decades of youth who have been lied to about social justice causes. rSome like myself who even have college degrees in social justice and Community Organizing have been lied to and propagandize to believe they are doing noble work when in the act; they are the cause of much strife in the world.

Greta Thunberg is likely a victim of having her youthful optimism misguided and misdirected. These tactics of exploiting youth are being used around the world. It is a global human rights crisis that people are not protecting the youth’s minds, and we are at a crossroads with global authoritarian regimes using children as activists to push for violent overthrows of government.

With that being said, the people behind Greta Thunberg’s success need to be exposed, and therefore this story needs to be told and understood.  Greta Thunberg is a fake and an agent of agitation who is harming young people.


Around Feb. 3, stories began trending on Twitter regarding Greta Thunberg’s involvement with social justice movements in India, with posts from government officials revealing the Community Organizing tactics she inadvertency tweeted out, proving that there was a plan to have an uprising around a social justice issue.

The following tweet proves that the was a well-coordinated and well-funded plan to impact India’s democracy.

This should sound frighteningly familiar to Americans:


Trying together a made-up need for social justice with celebrity platforms to move a made-up message of justice is how the left uses cultural Marxism to impact government institutions.

Below is a series of tweets that shows how ‘cultural marxism’ works.

“Greta’s team drafted a protest Manuel called Greta Notes(Toolkit), where she described everything step by step. Who to tag, when to tweet, what to tweet, everything. It was prepared between 3-23 January. See suggested tweets,n see Rihanna tweeting almost the same thing on 2 February.”

The manual that Thunberg accidentally retweeted is not unlike numerous manuals that the American have published in the United States for decades, they call for political theater or drama and them media manipulation, and then young people to get upset and demand changes.

This story is still developing..