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WH Press Secretary Lies About Looming Recession (VIDEO)

Ha, nice try…

America is witnessing, firsthand the result of liberal fiscal policy. The progressive left within the Democrat Party can spend money faster than a rabid shopaholic. But the effects of rampant federal spending have consequences for the American people.

Every single American is experiencing these consequences at levels not seen in over 40 years. Since the day he took office, Joe Biden has pushed a fiscal agenda that has inflamed inflation. Everything from gas, to automobiles, homes, rent, and especially groceries, has skyrocketed.

Inflation is wrecking the U.S. middle class at an alarming pace. Economic experts believe we are at the doorstep of another recession. Some believe this recession could be the worst in U.S. history, rivaling the Great Depression for the financial pain it will cause everyday Americans.

All the while, Biden says that “a recession is not inevitable.” Once again, good old Joe thinks he knows more than a field of experts. This numskull still refuses to take the blame for the historic inflation which virtually every economist says his out-of-control spending policies triggered.

Biden’s newest White House parrot, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, sings the same tired old tune her boss is singing. At a recent White House press briefing, Jean-Pierre said, “the situation is nowhere near as dire as it looks.”

According to the new “White House economic expert/press secretary”, Jean-Pierre, “the US is poised to enter a period of “stable and steady growth.” Who does this woman think she’s kidding? No one believes that the U.S. is poised for a period of “stable and steady growth.”

Nearly every financial expert, even former Obama economic advisor Larry Summers, says all indicators point to a recession looming on the horizon. Where do Biden and his press corps parrot get off trying to fool Americans into thinking we’re looking at a rosy economic forecast?

The Biden administration trots Jean-Pierre out to the microphone every day to tell Americans that “all is well.” Well, it’s not. Our economy is collapsing. Things are going to get even worse if Biden has his way, pushing for even greater federal spending.

America will slide from a recession into a depression in the blink of an eye. Add rampant crime, starving babies, border chaos, and deteriorating respect for the U.S. as a world leader, and Joe Biden has basically managed to destroy the country in less than two years.

This clown has over two years left to go. Americans must freeze this numskull in his tracks. We must tell the liberal, big government Marxists that enough is enough. Their plan to push America over the edge into socialism is failing.

But they will not stop because Americans say we don’t want socialism. The only way to stop these radicals is to vote them out of office. Patriotic conservatives must flood the polls in November. If we don’t, we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves. The battle lines are drawn.

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