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WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki Admits Biden Is Told To Not Answer Off-Script Questions

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Love him or hate him former President Donald Trump answered more questions by the press than any other president in our lifetime. He sometimes would spend ten and up to twenty minutes answering press questions when he was heading to get on Air Force One or on Marine One or whatever. Many of the times he did this, he got very hostile questions. We had CNN activists posing as journalists like Abilio Jim Acosta, who was sent out just to attack President Trump with hostile questions to make him look bad or to ruin a press conference. After a while, Acosta was attacking Trump for his own celebrity sake. The left loves to harp on the fact that Trump was tough with a lot of reporters, but when you look at it in totality, he was merely responding to hostel actors in the press pool. They asked him questions that were so disrespectful to the office that he held. We never saw anything like that before.

Now things are different.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Circle Back Jen Psaki admitted that Team Biden advises President Joe Biden to avoid answering unscripted questions from reporters. That’s probably because they fear what his answers would be. Can you imagine Joe Biden standing there not having an answer because he didn’t know what the question was ahead of time? He would be standing in front of a press pool staring off into space with a blank look on his face and see if he’s desperately searching for the bathroom.

Psaki made the admission during an appearance on CNN’s “The Axe Files with David Axelrod.” Here’s how incestuous the Democratic Party is with the news media. David Axelrod was an adviser to President Barack Obama early on in his career and through his White House days. Axelrad is the guy who allegedly got a Democrat judge to unseal sealed divorce papers for Obama’s Senate opponent, and they leaked dirty information into the public just to get the Republican candidate to back out of the race. He is also allegedly the one who paid a Chicago woman to claim she had an affair with Herman Cain to knock him out of his presidential race in 2012. Axelrod now has a show on CNN.

In an odd admission that the progressives know and understand there is something wrong with Biden, Axelrod praised the communications team for being able to manage the president so well that there’re no surprises from what he says to reporters. That’s a big unintentional tell.

“It seems to me that you guys have done a good job of managing that, because a lot of his interactions are speeches and settings in which you have a pretty good sense going in what he’s going to say,” Axelrod said.

In other words, so long as Biden knows the questions ahead of time and the answers are right in front of him on a teleprompter or written in a guidebook, all is fine. This man has the nuclear codes and we have to wonder who ties his shoes for him each morning.

“I think the thing that’s interesting is that he actually takes questions – I mean he took questions, I mean he did a mini press conference yesterday. He takes questions nearly every day he’s out from the press,” Psaki responded. Today, he’ll make a potholder. Tomorrow, he’ll use two colors.

“That is not something we recommend, in fact, a lot of times we say, ‘Don’t take questions,'” she added.

I find it incredible that they talk about this stuff so openly. I guess they think that people like me aren’t going to watch and listen to their garbage so that you don’t have to; you’re welcome.

Psaki probably realized what she said and immediately followed up with a comment to make it appear that Biden is in full control.

“You know, but he’s going to do what he wants to do because he’s the president of the United States,” she continued.

Psaki then said that the White House press corps is never satisfied and the Biden team tries to avoid distractions from the media so that they can stick to their agenda. In other words, Fox News’ Peter Doocy really pisses them off when he asks real questions. We know he is probably the only one in the room who isn’t fawning all over the Biden administration when he does his job.

“We’re never going to satisfy the White House press corps and their desires for access, and I think there have been mistakes made in the past of trying to do that. If you do a press conference, you know, every other week or once a week, that doesn’t really satisfy them, they’re going to push for more, that’s their job,” she said.

“What we’ve tried to do, which has also been maddening I know for the press corps at times, is kind of not get pulled in by distractions,” she added.

Psaki is verbally dancing around a minefield, trying to make it appear that they are acting professionally under normal circumstances when what they’re doing is trying to cover up for the president whose mind is full of mush.

It has to be tough being the top person responsible for making a president who is clearly suffering from cognitive decline look like he has all of his marbles. Maybe that’s why she recently revealed she’s leaving the job after one year.



1 Comment

1 Comment


    May 8, 2021 at 3:18 pm

    There’s no such thing as an American Democrat. They are all Enemies of the United States. You can look at nearly every Social Ill in the country right now and its all be promoted and taught to the youth for decades the hate, the selfishness, the Violent attitudes and lazy ethics. All the leftist ideology. Removing competition, Constantly OFFENDED, Calling everyone RACIST and viewing everyone thru RACE contradicting themselves in doing do. America BAD…AMERICA OWES ME….NO that’s not at all right. YOU’RE SPECIAL! YOU DESERVE! NO AGAIN! You and I all have the same OPPORTUNITIES…..That does NOT DICTATE THE SAME OUTCOMES!! Todays youth and College age, as well as the entire education system is a disgusting disgrace and makes decent people want to vomit. Not one should ever be in any Office.

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