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We need more masculinity, not less

There’s been a call in recent years, and more so this year, for less masculinity in men. The idea of men with masculinity has been deemed “toxic.” Harry Styles, popular boy-band member, was recently the first male cover of Vogue.

Instead of this being a big moment for men, as I suppose it was supposed to be, it was drowned out by radical feminism. Why? Because Styles wore a dress for the cover. In my opinion, it really defeats the purpose of him being the first male cover. Was the point of a male being on the cover not to celebrate men? 

Styles looked absolutely ridiculous in that dress and it’s not just because it wasn’t his color. He looked ridiculous because he was trying to make some point that men and women can wear each other’s clothes, that they don’t have to be that different, and to break down “barriers” in culture. 

What makes men and women different is what makes us special, what makes us unique. Women weren’t made to act like men and vice versa. The idea of masculinity isn’t something that should be put down or destroyed. Masculinity in men is something that God instilled in men so they could lead and protect women. This doesn’t mean that women are less than men and it doesn’t mean that men aren’t allowed to have feelings or be upset.

The radical feminism movement spreads this lie that if men are masculine it means they can’t have feelings or be upset. They take this extreme stance that ends up causing more harm than good. Men feel that they either have to be tough guys all the time or pansies. There doesn’t have to be an either or. Men can allow themselves to feel while also being tough and taking care of women.

When we encourage men to deny their masculinity because it’s somehow toxic, we end up with guys that roll their jeans and wear the same clothing items that I have in my closet. It’s kind of hard to find a solid guy to settle down with when most of the guys around you wear the same things you do. 

Masculinity is not something to be deemed toxic, it’s something to be celebrated. I don’t know about other women, but there’s something attractive about a guy that’s strong enough to both admit that he needs help, but stand up for me if needed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am more than capable of taking care of myself, but there’s something so special about knowing I don’t have to. There’s a feeling of safety that comes with it. Promoting the idea that masculinity is toxic is one of the reasons that we have so many unmarried pregnant women, kids without fathers, and people with identity crises. 

When men are told that masculinity is something to be ashamed of or removed, it sets a dangerous precedent that they don’t need to be responsible for their actions, that they can just do what they want, when they want and not be strong men for their girlfriends and families. 

Yes, men can be upset and have feelings. But that doesn’t excuse them away for their manly responsibilities to protect their loved ones and be strong when they need to be. Let’s stop sending confusing messages and just stick to the traditional gender roles the Lord intended.

Many think masculinity is something that hurts men, but this girl thinks masculinity is one of the things that makes men so great. 

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