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We Have All The Evidence We Need That Universal Mail-In Voting Would Be a Disaster

New disaster film….Mail In Voting

In case you have been hibernating or vacationing in another solar system, let me explain to you that mail-in balloting is a disaster as we have already seen this year.

Whether it is slow mail delivery, the inability to quickly count the ballots, and outright voter fraud, there is almost nothing to recommend mail-in balloting.

Liberal Democrats point to the fact that Oregon and Washington have successful mail-in balloting, they leave a few choice details out.

Both states are fastidious about updating their voter rolls to prevent tens of thousands of ballots from being leftover and the fact that they have been doing this for many years.

They have already made their mistakes but the other states will not have either of those advantages.

We can base our disaster predictions not based on theory but on what we have already seen this year. That would include massive voter fraud in Paterson, New Jersey, where four people have been charged with voter fraud after 19% of the ballots were determined to be fake.


More than 100,000 ballots were rejected from the primary and experts say that most of those problems could have been prevented by in-person voting where there are people who can assist you. You don’t have that at home.

New Jersey

Last week a federal judge issued a decision calling for a new election after 19% of all ballots were ruled to be fraudulent. Four Democrats have now been charged with voter fraud.


Michigan rejected 846 ballots which Stacey Abrams will attribute to voter suppression but Michigan officials will attribute to the fact that they are dead.

In Detroit, 72% of the precinct vote totals do not match the number of ballots received. Detroit officials say trying to figure out the vote counts is now impossible.

New York

According to ABC News, just 56 percent of the expected vote had been tallied as of August 13. “What happens in a presidential election using vote-by-mail systems that have similar logistics problems?” asked Ed Morrissey at HotAir. “That puts the final first count into mid-December, just a couple of weeks before the deadline for the Electoral College, usually around January 6.”

“Suddenly, we’re looking at not just one Florida 2000 situation but potentially several, and this time with much less time to process those challenges,” he added.

From PJ Media


In Wisconsin, three tubs of ballots were discovered in a mail-processing center after polls closed during their primary earlier this year.


In Clark County, Nevada, 1.3 million ballots were mailed out for the June primary election. While all registered voters were supposed to receive a ballot, 223,000 were never delivered.

Hundred of thousands of ballots that were received and mailed back were also incorrectly filled out.

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