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WE CAUGHT THEM: Pallets of Fake Ballots in Georgia’s Fulton County Were Identified, Filmed and Sampled Before Moving Trucks Picked Them Up and Shredded Them


This is huge. And furthermore, there is solid proof. Just hours after the Senate Committee gave Jovan Pulitzer the okay to audit the ballots in Fulton County, two trucks pulled up and loaded up ballots and took them to Fulton County Sheriff Jackson’s office.

But before they did, there were pictures of the ballots taken along with some samples.

Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of overstock says that Georgia’s governor and SOS better take care because of their reluctance to shine a light on voter fraud in their state.

They had enough blank ballots to overcome any lead that Trump could rack up on election night.

Remember, these are blank ballots that just needed to be filled out.

From The Gateway Pundit

Patrick Byrne, Founder of and now member of the Trump team who is attempting to prove the massive fraud across the country released some shocking news moments ago in a series of tweets.

In his first tweet Byrnes tweets:

BIG NEWS: COUNTERFEIT FULTON COUNTY GEORGIA BALLOTS. On a tip, our operative entered the Fulton County (Atlanta) Warehouse and took this series of photos: THESE ARE FAKE BALLOTS (note the quantity):

The rented trucks were filmed pulling up to the warehouse:

This could be the game changer we have all be looking for and both Kemp and Raffensperger have a lot o0f explaining to do. The same holds true for whoever called in the trucks and hauled the evidence away.

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