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Watching AOC Get Dragged For Pretending To Be Handcuffed Is Just Too Funny!


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her buddies all showed up for a pro-abortion protest outside of the Supreme Court. She and her friends were ‘arrested’ but of course, overdramatized the event. Ocasio-Cortez, a lightning rod of criticism on the right, predictably lit up Twitter when the image went viral Tuesday afternoon, as critics mocked her for seemingly playing up the drama of her encounter with law enforcement.

“Her pretending to be handcuffed is just spectacular,” National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke tweeted.

“Is…is she pretending to be handcuffed?” the National Journalism Center’s Becket Adams reacted.

“This is too much,” GOP flack Matt Whitlock wrote.

“So @AOC is a criminal insurrectionist who should be banned from federal office?” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton joked.

I think this user captured the essence of AOC by writing her own narrative:

A Washington Examiner Writer agreed writing, AOC, while being calmly escorted by an officer, holding her hands behind her back pretending she is handcuffed is the most @AOC thing ever”

Curtis Houck from NewsBusters wrote, “I love how AOC goes from pretending she’s handcuffed to raising her first at the 10-second mark as if she’s fighting the power (even though she *is* someone in power) and then back to pretending to have cuffs on”

Many users speculated that AOC will now go on to claim that she’s a victim of police brutality. Then one user shared a video of Rep Ilhan Omar doing the exact same thing at that very protest. Almost as if they planned it. Embarrassingly enough, Omar wasn’t even being escorted…

The whole thing was a stunt and while the folks on Twitter weren’t buying it You know that their loyal lemmings did.

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