Watch Joe Biden Defend Black Lives Matter Riots And Spread Boldfaced Leftist Lies

Joe Biden falsely and smugly defended the destructive riots caused by Antifa and Black Lives Matter while repeating famous anti-American propaganda from the left that is totally untrue about the events of January 6th at the US Capitol.

When asked about President Vladimir Putin’s comments about shutting down and the Black Lives Matter movement in his country of Russia, Biden awkwardly laughed, and then arrogantly repeated a scripted leftist talking point, making sure to stop and get a dig in at his political opponents.

“When President Putin was speaking about Human Rights he said he didn’t want to see events like Jan. 6th at the US Capitol or Black Lives Matter forming, what is your response,” a reporter asked.

“[arrogant, haughty chuckling.. heh heh] my response is that this is ridiculous to make the comparison that literal criminals break in through cordoned off area of the Capitol, killing a police officer then it is to have people marching to say that you are not to speak freely or do A.B or C” Biden, as the head of the United States Federal government, while on foreign ground in Switzerland.

But as every sane person knows, the only person who was killed that day was an unarmed female veteran, who was a Trump supporter, who was shot and murdered by an unknown government employee.

The left’s mythology about January 6th is reaching dangerous levels of propaganda at this point and there appears to be little opposition from anyone who Capitol Hill who can make traction.


President Donald Trump said Wednesday that President Biden paid a heavy cost for his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin but received little in return.

Mr. Trump’s criticism followed the completion of Mr. Biden’s first foreign trip which culminated Wednesday in his first face-to-face meeting with Mr. Putin at what many called a low point in the U.S.-Russia relationship.

“We gave a very big stage to Russia, and we got nothing,” Mr. Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in a wide-ranging interview. “It was a good day for Russia.”

One poster on Twitter had an interesting reaction:

“DNC Media’s Pyongyang-style obsession with painting Biden as defeating Putin is some of the worst garbage reporting yet. Putin mopped the floor with Biden, and everyone on Earth outside of U.S. newsrooms knows it. Putin was ENJOYING HIMSELF. It was a romp.”
Our media is trying to get its bunks rocking by fantasizing about Biden giving Putin a firm handshake. The enduring moments of this meeting, the things that will be noted and remembered around the world, are Biden in retreat, submissive and confused, backing down from his hype.
Biden helplessly pleading with Putin not to cyberattack vital infrastructure targets. Biden nodding dumbly when asked if he trusts Putin, after all that bluster about putting the “killer” in his place. Putin getting pipeline and arms concessions while the U.S. gets nothing.
These summits are always going to be mostly theatrics. It’s probably a mistake to elevate Putin by agreeing to meet as “equals.” In a sense, he wins just by showing up. U.S. leaders keep fantasizing about winning him over or putting him on the back foot with their personal charm,” John Hayward wrote.

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