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Watch: Jean-Pierre Confused, Can’t Answer Simple Questions

Lol, wow.

After not being able to answer where Biden stands on “erasing” student loans following a meeting with Congressional Black Caucus, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was caught off guard a second time, it seems. Jean-Pierre appeared unable to answer how any of the gun control legislation being proposed would’ve stopped both the Uvalde, Texas, shooting and the Buffalo, New York, shooting.

A reporter questioned whether there are any measures currently on the table that could’ve changed what happened in both. The following is after a long back and forth where Jean-Pierre seemed confused about the question completely:

“Based on what you know about the situation in both Uvalde and Buffalo, is there anything that the Senate negotiators are considering now that would’ve stopped those two shootings?” a reporter asked.

“I’m no expert here, but one thing that I do know, that we all know, is that both the shooters were 18. And one of the things that’s on the table is raising the age limit,” Jean-Pierre said.

“Are you sure that’s on the table? Raising the age limit from 18 to 21 to buy AR-15s? Because John Cornyn has said that’s not on the table,” the reporter interjected.

The reporter clarified that what they wanted to hear about was new plans that the lawmakers are considering and how they could (or could not) work:

” I don’t — I’m just saying that’s been one of the conversations that’s been out there.  I do not know.  Again, we’re not negotiating from here.  I’m just trying to make a point.  This is something that the President supports — raising the age from 18 to 21.  Because one of the things that we do know is both of the shooters were 18 years old.  The one in Uvalde, in particular, when he was 17, he asked his sister to buy him a gun.  She said, “No.”  And as soon as he turned 18, he went and bought — he bought — he bought a gun.

And so, that is something that we have heard about, that’s out there, and that is something the President talked about on Thursday.

Full Press Briefing:

I’m interested in hearing your thought about the newly proposed legislation and age requirements. Let me know in the comments below.

Erica Carlin
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