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WATCH: Gunshots Ring Out as Armed Rioters Confront Police in Wisconsin

Armed rioters wrecked havoc on Kenosha, Wisconsin last night as shots rang out. Rioters have become more fearless as Democrats have become more feckless, arguing that the riots are actually mostly peaceful.

Tell that to the people, including many Blacks and Hispanics who have lost their businesses to a group claiming that Black lives matter.

Many Blacks are attacked by BLM for not holding the same beliefs as the Marxist BLM holds. One man was actually murdered in front of his place of business for rejecting BLM.

A large group of rioters, including at least two who were armed lurked through the streets, unafraid of consequences that never come.

They blocked a police vehicle and prevented it from moving and shots rang out as police began lobbing gas from the top of their vehicle.

The loud bangs heard during the video sound like gunfire and when the person operating the camera moved their aim in the direction of the bangs and armed rioter can be seen.

The violence erupted when police had confronted a violent sex offender. He was shot seven times in the back as he tried to retrieve something from inside a car.


As the AP reports:

In the video posted on social media that appeared to show the shooting from across a street, three officers could be seen shouting and pointing their weapons at the man, who appeared to be Black, as he walked around the front of an SUV parked on the street.

As the man opened the driver’s side door and leaned inside, one officer grabbed his shirt from behind and then fired into the vehicle.

Seven shots could be heard on the video, though it was unclear if more than one officer fired.

Following the shooting, social media posts showed neighbors gathering in the surrounding streets and hurling comments at police.

Some could be heard chanting, ‘No justice, no peace.’

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. charles smith

    August 24, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    Apparently most blacks don`t know the meaning of justice.

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