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Watch: Early Voter Turn Out Causes Libs To Panic, Already Screaming ‘Suppression’

They are going nuts!

There was a major nuclear meltdown between MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Axios’s Alexi McCammond after the results came in from Georgia’s primary elections. Several states are showing a massive voter turnout—But wait, what about voter suppression? Wallace pushed to declare that it is “mis and disinformation” for Republicans to say that record-shattering early turnout in Georgia was proof that that narrative is a lie.

McCammond took a different approach in her panic and lost her mind over major GOP wins in the state. She’s panicked that the GOP will push to investigate ‘the big lie’ and challenge the validity of the 2020 elections.

The night was full of panic and fear mongering as Wallace referred to the elections as  ‘a GOP civil war front’. The segment began with Wallace asking McCammond to “Take me inside what you’re watching and — and — and — what part of this story is not just from a GOP civil war front but for anybody who cares about small-D democracy front, which part of this is most interesting to you?”


McCammond expressed Democrat’s panic over their dying narrative, “you cannot talk to Democratic gubernatorial candidates on the record, off the record, however, without them sharing this human moment where they’re kind of having an almost existential crisis, and they say, “like yes, we’re talking about the threats to democracy on the trail. We’re talking about the different visions between the parties,” but at the end of the day, this is an existential moment for these folks who are running against some of the most extreme Republicans we’ve seen in a really long time.”


NICOLLE WALLACE: Take me inside what you’re watching and—and—and– what part of this story is not just from a GOP civil war front but for anybody who cares about small-D democracy front, which part of this is most interesting to you?

ALEXI MCCAMMOND: Well, thanks so much for having me and today is definitely a very interesting primary day. I’m covering governors this cycle, Nicolle, and you cannot talk to Democratic gubernatorial candidates on the record, off the record, however, without them sharing this human moment where they’re kind of having an almost existential crisis, and they say, “like yes, we’re talking about the threats to democracy on the trail. We’re talking about the different visions between the parties,” but at the end of the day, this is an existential moment for these folks who are running against some of the most extreme Republicans we’ve seen in a really long time.


You’re talking about the Georgia primary. We’ve seen increased turnout there. The thing that I’m watching and I have reporting coming on this later today with my colleague Andrew at Axios, Republicans are determined to make the big lie bigger because of the turnout numbers we’re seeing in Georgia.

They’re using it to say that it’s evidence that there’s no voter suppression, and that’s not just Republicans in Georgia. It’s Republicans here in Washington and across the country telling us they’re planning to make this another cornerstone of their so-called election integrity campaign messaging. But, of course as you know, and as Democrats will argue, that’s just not true. There are so many other macro external factors that contribute to turnout, as you know well. The type of candidates that are running, the profile of the campaigns, which obviously Republicans have higher profile contests than Democrats this time. So I think that’s something we’re going to watch. How Republicans are trying to twist this mis and disinformation around voting into saying, oh, “our voter suppression laws, they’re not that bad. They’re not actually working against Democrats.”


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