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WATCH: Antifa/BLM Activists Harass and Assault Trump Supporters On the Streets

The videos are horrendous, and they seem to be endless.

As night descended on Washington, D.C. on Saturday, activists began harassing and assaulting Trump supporters who had gathered in peace that afternoon in a show of support for the president.

Thousands upon thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. yesterday to participate in the Million MAGA March (also called Stop the Steal DC). Many videos circulating social media show crowds of people waving American flags, wearing “Trump 2020 gear”, and singing the National Anthem together.

President Trump even made an appearance, waving to participants from his vehicle as he passed the crowds.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany posted to Twitter that the crowd numbered over one million people. Other reports indicate that the crowds were in the thousands, but did not reach the one million mark.

But counter-protesters also appeared, and the videos circulating Twitter documenting the violence that Trump supporters faced from Antifa and BLM activists are disturbing.

Andy Ngo, a journalist with The Post Millennial and known for his documentation of Antifa activities in Portland, Oregon, has been sharing many videos from the streets of D.C. on Saturday night.

In one, counter-protesters harassed an elderly couple with a Trump flag, yelling through bullhorns, “Get the f*** out of here.”

In another, an elderly gentleman is pushed to the ground and water poured on him by surrounding counter-protesters in black bloc.

Families with children were targeted:

People enjoying their evening meal were attacked with fireworks:

In this video, a young couple is assaulted by activists:

And here, an activist runs at a woman walking away from her and punches her in the back of the head:

There are more videos.

Twenty people were arrested on Saturday night, and two police officers were injured.

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