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Washington U in St. Louis Holds Event About Children Picking Their Gender: They ‘Know What Feels Good to Them’

Teaching children that they can choose their gender without regard to biological sex is being promoted at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. They also push the notion that Texas‘ law protecting children from life-altering treatment is “abhorrent.” Did you get that? The people who support giving little children chemically-driven puberty blockers are saying those who understand the dangers they do to children and want to protect them are the ones who are abhorrent. The freaks are running the freak show.

That would be like saying, “Little Tommy is the intelligent in the classroom and gets the best grades in his class. But we think that’s too much pressure on him she we’re going to give Tommy some drugs to suppress his ability to think as clearly as he does naturally,” and calling anyone who wants to protect little Tommy from such a fate, abhorrent. That’s how crazy conservatives think progressives are who push this type of gender reassignment child abuse.

On March 31, or Transgender Day of Visibility, the school held an event that was described as “Adolescence is a tender time full of profound self-discovery. Coming into your own is complicated enough.” In my neighborhood we would have called the police.

The title for the event was, “Advocacy & Allyship: Supporting Transgender Youth.” The event was organized by the Clark-Fox Policy Institute of Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis.

Campus Reform, an American conservative news website, reported on the event. There was a panel with a “transgender child” who identified as as girl but is now living as a boy. She picked the name Myles. I say she because she is a biological girl.

The panel went over things like “how teachers can address anti-trans legislation, intersectionality of transgender hardships, children exploring gender identity, and medical procedures for pre-pubertal children.” These people are monsters.

From Campus Reform:

“There are systemic efforts underway across our country right now to deprive trans youth of their rights and ability to compete in sports, to access medical and mental health care, and to fully and authentically participate in their schools and communities,” the moderator, Kelly Strock, said. Strock is the author of Gender Identity Workbook for Kids.

To “counteract” such laws, panelist Jess Jones proposed teachers “have, like a pride flag in your classroom, or any folks could add their pronoun to their email signature, or wear, like a little pin that has your pronoun.” Jones, owner of Jess Jones Education & Consulting, describes himself as “a white, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, transgender human.”

Jones additionally proposed creating policy based on young people’s “ability to define for themselves who they are,” stating that adults need to listen to students because children “know what feels good to them.”

Strock said children becoming “transgender” is “living out in the light” and referred to younger children as “littles” who can pick their gender identity “around the age of two.”

Someone really should call the police. Science, and I mean real science, not the kind that leftists in the Biden administration adhere to, tells us that children at the age of two do not have the hormones yet to be able to make a determination of whether they want to remain the gender they were born with or change to the opposite gender. Parents who put their children through this kind of torture should be charged with child abuse. You want you put your 2-year-old daughter through drug treatments and possible surgery? You should spend some time in prison for abuse. But the people in charge of our country support this stuff.

Strock recommended that children should be allowed to “play dress up,” and to “play with boys toys, or girls toys, and just let them do what they’re gonna do,” so they can explore “gender expression.”

Remember when the LGBT crowd told us that they just wanted to be treated as normal? Remember when they wanted the right to get married so they could be treated and seen as normal? Well, did anyone forsee this kind of insanity where adults with degrees from universities who are teaching at universities are advocating transforming childrens’ sexual identity at the age of two.

“For prepubertal children, we provide them with resources to establish care with therapists,” Christopher Lewis, Director of Differences of Sex Development Clinic at Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine, said in the report.





Mark Dice is a conservative YouTube personality who usually drives his messages home with comedy ridiculing crazy leftist ideas. Here’s a video where he goes to a real city council meeting in California personifying a parent who is transitioning their little child from being a boy to a girl and after all the goofy, crazy things he said to the council, he was not arrested and no one made a single comment. The point being, this insanity is considered normal behavior by modern-day Democrats.



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