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Attacking Trump

WAR ON CHRISTMAS: Washington Post Uses Nazi Propaganda Against Jews to Lash Out at Eternal Freedom Seekers and Trump Supporters

At a time of great cultural divine in the United States when the US President is seen around the world as a unifying Pro-Jewish figure, at a time when a politician enjoys historical support from minority communities, including from Jewish Americans, and a time of festive religious holidays for Jews, Christians, Catholics, and others, it is absolutely répulsive to see a leading US Media outlet, the Washington Post, to take their emotional tirades against Trump to the current level.

“I realize this is an opinion piece, but I know you know the history. Do you really want to publish this emphasizing the dehumanization? Why not cockroaches? This making people rats has been out of control for a long time. This is a well-documented precursor to violence or even genocide,” wrote a Buddhist who supports Democrats.

According to researchers, that is true: “The Eternal Jew is a 1940 antisemitic Nazi propaganda film, presented as a documentary. The film’s initial German title was Der ewige Jude, the German term for the character of the “Wandering Jew” in medieval folklore.”

Consider WIKI page on the The Eternal Jew:

Hitler and Goebbels believed that film was a vital tool for molding public opinion. The Nazis first established a film department in 1930 and Goebbels had taken a personal interest in the use of film to promote the Nazi philosophy and agenda. Soon after the Nazi takeover, Goebbels insisted in speeches that the role of the German cinema was to serve as the “vanguard of the Nazi military”.[4]

The Goebbels film appears to have been intended as a violently antisemitic version of the British film The Wandering Jew, which argued that Jews were victims of relentless persecution throughout history. Saul Friedländer suggests that Goebbels’ intent was to counter three films: Jew SüssThe House of Rothschild, and The Wandering Jew. These three films, all released in 1933–34, showed that Jews were persecuted throughout history; the Goebbels films presented the opposite message.

Hitler expressed his frustration and anger at the mixed response from the German media and insisted that, instead of openly calling for violence against the Jews as Goebbels had in instigating the pogrom, Nazi propaganda should “elucidate events of foreign policy” in such a way that the German people themselves would call for violence against the Jews

“Nazi propaganda movie “The Eternal Jew” used the imagery of rats like The Washington Post, yet @washingtonpost wants us to think Trump is a danger. Pure evil propaganda,” wrote one reader.

“Today’s Washington Post depiction of Republicans as “rats” was reprehensible. Democrats and their allies in the media can’t win the war of ideas, so they resort to dangerous and despicable personal attacks that purposefully endanger the freedom of their political opponents,” US Reps Andy Boggs wrote on Twitter.

So they went there; full blown Nazi propaganda to strike out in anger at Trump and supporters of Trump.

The Washington Post has been in attack mode for years against Christianity, American traditions, and liberty-seeking individuals. Their propaganda has been relentless to instill hatred, fear, and panic in Americans’ minds, and they offer a solution, Joe Biden is going to solve it for them.

Consider a WAPO story from Saturday about one of America’s fondest traditions, Christmas and a beautiful song meant to invoke tradition and peace, and the writers at WAPO just see fodder for anger.

Their saving figure, their political icon, Joe Biden is the king of being nice, they claim in a recent Op-Ed. And hopefully, once they have complete authority over Americans with the Pandemic Emergency powers, the Washington Post message is, everyone will be happy and kind to one another.

Like Peace on Earth and all of that jazz…

And to the cheers and jeers of opponents of feedom seeking Americans:

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