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Wall Street Will Hate This: Making Money is So Easy a 10 Year Old Can Do It With GameStop Stock

The Populist revolt surrounding the GameStop Stock story is the American story. The little guy can get themselves ahead by their own merits with equal opportunities and equal access, and learn and grow and achieve greatness.

“In 2019, Jaydyn Carr’s mom, Nina, gave him 10 GameStop shares that cost $6 apiece as a Kwanzaa gift. At the time, he was only eight years old. Fast forward to 2021, Jaydyn, 10, is in the middle of a stock surge,” local news reported. 

America was founded on the principles of equal access. Over the decades, our citizens have made great strides in getting even more marginalized people better access to American institutions’ benefits, that was until the established order in DC joined forces into a “uniparty” and worked to keep the little guy out.

This past week we saw the DC power structure spring into action to protect very wealthy Hedge Fund investors while closing down access for Independent investors in a shocking display of corrupted power.

Their problem is that the average American figured out how to make money in what DC must believe is their own private Casino.

The general feeling on the street, among the people, is that the elite does not like the average citizen doing what they have done for decades: making easy money.

“GameStop stockholder Jaydyn Carr, a 5th grader, was minding his business when the Great Reddit Hedgie War of ’21 erupted. Wednesday, he cashed in,” a poster on Twitter wrote. 

As one Korean social media influencer pointed out, lots of new people are jumping into the market for the first time and paying attention:

“this GameStop thing is like that part in “slumdog millionaire” where it flashbacks to his whole life’s experience preparing him for this moment, except it’s just me playing animal crossing in 2020 and tom nook teaching me about buying and selling turnips.”


My San Antonio reported on a story of a 10 year in Texas who cashed in big on his GameStop Stock:

“When Jaydyn Carr unwrapped his GameStop shares his mom gifted him for Kwanzaa two years ago, neither mother nor son expected he’d eventually be in the middle of a stock surge.

Stock talks this week are centering on small investors, but Jaydyn might be the smallest and youngest, at least in San Antonio. He became a GameStock shareholder on Dec. 30, 2019, when he was eight, long before Reddit users combined and skyrocketed the prices of the struggling gaming company’s shares from single to triple digits, blindsiding Wall Street. The now 10-year-old fifth-grader is reeling from the excitement of selling his first set of stocks amid the GameStop trading frenzy.”

While Carr decided to sell his stock and bank his investment,  most customers, according to financial news reporters, are holding onto their purchase of GameStop Stock; it is important to understand who the citizens are involved in what DC and Wall Street insiders are freaking out about.

Consider this, Democrats and some part of the Republican Party who enable them will investigate this child to see what his actions were and harass him for attempting to step out of his station in life.  At least, that is what Marxist Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren has planned.

I covered her demands for investigation into the people making money on GameStop.

Read Warren’s demands for investigations into who made money on GameStop and why Here.

It’s unclear how elite DC insiders will treat Carr’s cash out.  One thing is for sure, now that he knows how easy it is, they may have to make space for him on Wall Street because “living large’ in America is awesome for everyone.

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