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VP Debate: Kamala Harris Betrayed the Left, Lied About Trump, Lied About her Record, and Annoyed People

The first Vice President Debate for the 2020 Election handed Vice President Mike Pence a great victory, being very even and steady and sounding very smart. It was uneventful except for a few spots where Harris seemed to confuse her thoughts, get off track and show her hostility.

Even Frank Luntz, who is not a Trump supporter, said he had studied Independent voters during the debate, who told him they didn’t like Harris’ condescending, and that Pence was the winner.

She was not well recived by women online:

Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States debated Senator Kamala Harris, Democrat candidate for Vice President, on Wednesday for their first and only debate before the 2020 election, which was held in Utah and moderated by Susan Page, who is the longtime Washington bureau chief for USA Today, Page, a native of Kansas, is married to Carl Leubsdorf, a columnist and former Washington bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News and is currently writing a Biography for Nancy Pelosi.

Harris spoke longer.

A big moment:

Harris’ co-sponsor on the Green New Deal was not happy.

“Joe Biden has been a cheerleader for Communist China,” Pence said. “You put your radical environmental agenda ahead of the American people, and they should know that you are rated the most liberal Senator in Washington DC.”

Harris had a Community Organizer at the event as her guest, an expert in Marxism, which is appropriate for the leftist and radical candidate who is pushing for radical police reform.

Pence had a black business owner whose store was burned down in a riot, that was led by people who want police reform.

The difference between the two candidates could not be more drastic.

Fox News opened their debate talk show with Chris Wallace who was preoccupied with his personal hatred of Trump, and the other news card readers were moderate to mostly negative about Trump, and couldn’t stay much focused on the debate participants.

Harris has a terrible habit of smirking, laughing and shaking her head at inappropriate times, making her highly unlikeable to people, which is a habit of hers.

Harris referred to herself as a “Black Woman”, which is always confusing to people because her Father is Jamaican and her mother is Indian.

“Stop playing politics with people’s lives,” Pence said. After Kamala said she would take the vaccine if Dr. Anthony Fauci recommended it, but not if President Donald J. Trump recommended one,” sounding like a child having a temper tantrum.

“Senator please stop underminding public confidence in a vaccine,” Pence said.

Harris lied about Black Judges:

Another notable topic, Page’s obvious leftist agenda.

Kamala said, “they are comin for you, they are comin for you, they are comin for you… ” in response to Pence questioning her about Biden’s comments that he would end fracking. Biden’s agenda is ending fracking according to his own platform.

Harris denied that, stronly, scoffing and smirking.

Page asked about the dysfunction between the two candidates, Harris and Biden, on the “New Green Deal” that Biden said he did not support, and which Harris helped write.

Harris filled up her time with rambling nonsense about Climate change and how she would make jobs, being very evasive she never answered the question.

“The Green New Deal is on Joe Biden’s website, but denies it, and you were a co-sposor of it,” Pence said.

Trump tweeted about Fracking.

The Trump campaign was tweeting at the same time.

Harris lowered herself to repeat lies that came out of an acknowledged lie from the far-left media outlet, who had numerous conflicts of interest, that Trump said something about service members, proving that Harris would result to slander and defamation to get what she wants. That is dangerous.

Pence tried to correct the slander and defamation, however, both Page and Harris were vocal and demanding and interrupting Pence, proving that they were working together to slander Trump.

Pence asked Harris if she and Biden would pack the court, meaning adding new Supreme Court Justices, if they won, and she flirted and laughed and smiled, and in a voice that sounded like a little girl told stories, and refused to answer.

A very uncomfortable exchange happened, where Harris looked very strange.

“Let the record show that she never answered the question,” Pence said at the end.

The Vice President Debate was much different from the Presidential Debate, and it was somewhat boring. Numerous comments online reflected people’s boredom.

Harris lied numerous times about things she got from the media who is openly at war with the Trump administration. Susan Page was moderate, but at times did try to keep Pence from answering.

The big take away was Harris lied about her law enforcement record. Bret Brier opened the show after the debate talking about Pence doing very well, and Martha McCallum agreed.

“I think people in the Trump camp will be very happy,” McCullum said.

And Harris will be surprised that her record is just one of the things peope do not like about her.


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