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Vote Fraud Gets Hammered Ahead of 2020 Election, Fed Lawsuit Uncovers Ballot Harvest Scheme

A public interest law firm has exposed potential voter fraud in North Carolina in elections for 2016 and 2018, in a federal lawsuit, the ballot harvesting data, squares perfectly with long concerns locally and nationally,  over other types of Voter Fraud.

“The Foundation’s brief outlines how even with the modest integrity mechanisms in place, public election records demonstrate how duplicated voter registrants are credited for voting second ballots in a widespread pattern across the 2016 and 2018 General Elections,” Public Interest Law Firm,  (PILF) said.

“Individual records show a substantial portion of credited second votes derive from a duplicated registrant apparently casting two absentee ballots for the same election. Stripped protections atop substandard voter rolls could only exacerbate these patterns in 2020,” they wrote, anticipating voter integrity problems for the 2020 General Election in North Carolina.

According to their website, PILF is “dedicated entirely to election integrity. The Foundation exists to assist states and others to aid the cause of election integrity and fight against lawlessness in American elections.”

According to the PILF website, “The Foundation is currently representing its client, Voter Integrity Project-NC, as a proposed intervenor in a separate federal lawsuit regarding election observer rights.”

“The truth closes in on election officials who have made a nice living by rigging the game for Democrats and covering their tracks all along the way,” wrote Jay Delancy, Director and Co-Founder of Voter Integrity Project in North Carolina, about the lawsuit.

North Carolina has been a hotbed of concerns and frustrations for Jay Delancy, and other election watchers,  due to Democrat Roy Cooper’s power-grabs over legislative processes, using the protection of  “emergency powers” based on World Health Organization data,  while he has the state under Pandemic lockdowns and social distancing demands.

In the North Carolina, General Assembly, Speaker of the NC House, Republican Senator Tim Moore, spoke this week about Cooper’s further attack on the Voter ID initiative, for the 2020 Election, by watering down what is acceptable as an ID at the voting booth.

“North Carolina has one of the most lenient photo voter ID laws in the country, because voters who do not have a qualifying ID can still cast a ballot in our state or present an expired ID for up to a year,” Moore said.

The PILF is representing Delancy’s Voter Integrity Project in a case involving the NAACP, which according to court documents, “Intervention to defend North Carolina’s increased allowance for at-large citizen election observer rights on behalf of client Voter Integrity Project–NC.”

Which has been a concern because of the tendency of false information, fake news and directing the results of elections, as far back as 2010.


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