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Days till the 2020 Election








Register to vote

Every vote counts. If you are not registered to vote, get registered.

The United States of America is a government for the people by the people. As citizens it is a fundamental right protected by the constitutional. It is important to vote for candidates that represent your values. Representatives make decisions, create laws and govern how citizens live.

Voting empowers citizens on who will run the government. It is the best way to change the course of our government.


Get Informed!

There are many resources to help you get informed with who is running, what their top priorities are, and what measures are being voted on.

Share what you know.

Utilize your social media!

  • Tell others who you support and why. 

  • Inform people on what measures they will be voting on, and what you support & why.

Many people don’t do their homework. Be informative.


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We can’t do what we do without you!