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Virginia PTA Staffer Faces the Music for Wishing Death on CRT Opponents

Karma is a terrible thing…except in a case such as this. On Thursday, a communications staffer for the Virginia Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), who also happens to be a first vice president at the Fairfax NAACP in Fairfax, Va, wished for people who oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) to die.

Many people were shocked by that but I’m not. I am old enough that I have seen racists many times before and nothing they do surprises me.

The Virginia PTA wasted no time in demanding her resignation over her racist comments. She did in fact resign as requested. Of course, the NAACP has done nothing to her and she will probably retain her position there and she could very well get her own show on CNN.

Michelle Leete, the woman in question, will undoubtedly be the keynote speaker at the next Democratic National Convention. She will speak just before the entire convention boos God.

Leete made her infamous declaration in front of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) as she participated in a counter-protest against Parents Defending Education‘s “STOP CRT RALLY.” They made a video of Leete making her remarks during the counter-protest.

Leete said:

“So let’s meet and remain steadfast in speaking truth, tearing down double standards, and refuting double talk. Let’s not allow any double downing on lies. Let’s prepare our children for a world they deserve.” Leete declared.

“Let’s deny this off-key band of people that are anti-education, anti-teacher, anti-equity, anti-history, anti-racial reckoning, anti-opportunities, anti-help people, anti-diversity, anti-platform, anti-science, anti-change agent, anti-social justice, anti-healthcare, anti-worker, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-children, anti-healthcare, anti-worker, anti-environment, anti-admissions policy change, anti-inclusion, anti-live-and-let live people. Let them die. Don’t let these uncomfortable people don’t let these uncomfortable people deter us from our bold march forward.”

61 percent of voters told Harvard that elementary schools should not teach kids “that America is structurally racist and is dominated by white supremacy,” the upshot of CRT. The entire premise of CRT is to divide people by race and CRT is just as racist as anything today’s KKK is. Democrats think that CRT will divide the races and place blacks firmly in their camp.

I remember a story I read about a black man who appeared at a PTA meeting and he told the board members that he did not want the school teaching that whites are evil since his wife is white.

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