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Viral Video: This Man Changed the Mind of a Biden Voter With This Line of Reason

An activist who supports President Donald J. Trump for re-election engages in his neighborhood with people who know him, and talks about why he supports Trump, based on Trump’s policies, to a man who says he is voting for Biden, “just because he sort of likes him more” and breaks down the Biden voter’s support for Biden.

The video has been viewed over 5 Million times, but social media is not going to want people to see this because it is powerful.


Trump’s support in the Black Community has soared, to 46% in some polls, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

TGP reported on their reaction after the last Presidential debate and wrote:

“After 50 years of absolute Democrat corruption and destruction the black community is looking for change.
And it’s not going to be with Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden. Last night’s debate was devastating for Joe Biden and the Democrats. Depite a favorable list of topics and a biased liberal moderator, Joe Biden could not seal the deal.
Biden flopped. And President Trump pounding Joe Biden on his outrageous comments in the 90’s about “predator” young black males hit the target. On Friday Rasmussen Report’s numbers on black voters and Trump was up to 46%!

Trump has been focused on winning over the Black vote and that focus has had a historic impact.

Here is another pollster talking about the changes in voter bases:

True Pundit wrote about the increase in Black voters saying, “A daily tracking poll of President Donald Trump’s job approval released Friday showed an eye-popping surge in approval for Trump among black voters.

According to Rasmussen Reports, Trump’s approval among black likely voters surged this week from 25% on Monday to 46% by the end of the week on Friday.”

Newsweek reported that Blacks from underdeveloped nations support Trump, no matter how much the democrat Media has tried to persuade them to do otherwise.

From Newsweek, giving Americans a great insight into the mind of some Black voters:

Then President Donald Trump wanted to stop immigrants coming to the U.S. from “s***hole countries,” as he reportedly described them, he imposed a travel ban on countries including Nigeria, the most populous Black nation in the world.

The African Union made up of 55 nations said the remarks were “clearly racist.” The restrictions, arriving just before COVID-19 took the world’s attention, were widely criticized. It followed a concerted campaign to limit Nigerian entry into the U.S., with visa price-hikes and bans.

Despite Trump’s strong line against Africa, and anti-Black Lives Matter-protest rhetoric more generally, the Nigerian population still love him and would welcome a second term. Around 60 percent of Nigerians think Trump will “do the right thing regarding world affairs,” according to the Pew Research Center.

“The perception of Trump as tough, no-nonsense, blunt, pro-religion and entertaining could be in part why a majority of people in this deeply religious and most populous country in Africa like him,” Nigerian journalist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani said.NEWSWEEK SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS >Ads by

“It’s like watching an action movie, or the best reality show Nigerians have ever seen—expressions of wonderment and wild laughter can be heard when people gather to discuss him.”

“I pray for Trump because I see him as the almond tree,” Venerable Emeka Ezeji, a vicar and archdeacon in the Missionary Christ Anglican Church in Nigeria’s south-eastern Enugu state, tells Newsweek by email. “This means he’s a sign. If he wins this election, God is giving America and the world more time. If he loses, it means there is no time and speaking apocalyptically, looking at the political ideology of the Democrats, you discover they are working against the inerrant word of God – they promote abortion, same-sex marriage while the Republican Party are pro-life purely conservative.”

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