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Domestic Terrorism

Violent Rioters Torch Courthouses In California And Colorado, Attack Police, Chant Racial Slurs

Peaceful protesters in California and Colorado did nothing violent last night unless you consider attacking the police, burning courthouses and assaulting people is violent. Evidently Democrats and the mainstream media doesn’t.

They champion the domestic terrorists in their cities and states.

The Oakland Police Department asked the more peaceful demonstrators to help with the rioters but to no avail.

The rioters were breaking windows and yelling racial slurs at the local residents. The rioters set the  Alameda County Superior Courthouse on fire.


In Colorado things were not much better. The Aurora Colorado police force pleaded with the rioters not to riot. That’s like asking Adan Schiff not to lie.


The department announced the following to the rioters:

“There has been a fire started inside of an office in the courthouse. Protesters need to leave the area immediately.

The fire has been extinguished. It does not appear to have spread anywhere else inside of the building.

Protesters needs to leave the area or are subject to arrest. You can safely exit the area to the south.”


Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams has asked President Trump to send in federal agents as Gov Jared Polis has done nothing to stop the violence, like every other Democratic governor has failed to do.

Rep Williams sent a very lengthy and detailed letter to the president in hopes that further violence be avoided if possible.



  1. Legaltidbits

    July 26, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    Why are the Democrats doing this? This is going to backfire if you cannot protect your citizens. Do they really think condoning this violence will win them the election??? Your cities will be ghost towns, you will not get federal money to rebuild, the people that live there and the business torched will leave in droves! Enjoy your new beautiful cities! DEMOCRATS ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS NATION!

  2. Lonna

    July 26, 2020 at 2:37 pm

    What are these Democratic leaders trying to hide that they don’t want Federal police in their cities!!????

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