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Violence in Seattle Sees 59 Police Officers Injured in One Night Alone

On Saturday night in the middle of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s “Summer of Love” Antifa and BLM anarchists injured 59 police officers in just one night of rioting. Durkan’s hoodlums violently erupted into a riot during a protest to stand in unison with the rioters in Portland.

Durkan’s Darlings set fires, vandalized property, hurled explosives, and assaulted police officers. Fifty-nine police officers were injured that night. One had to be hospitalized. Rioters were pelting police with  “explosives, rocks, bottles, and wood.

Officers suffered ”from “abrasions and bruising to burns and a torn meniscus.” Forty-seven rioters were arrested that night on charges ranging from “assaults on officers, failure to disperse, and obstruction.”


There is currently a recall petition against Durkan because she has been negligent in taking the side of the rioters over that of the victims. Durkan like Ted Wheeler in Portland blames President Trump for the violence by sending in federal agents. But the riots had been ongoing for six weeks before the first agent arrived in Seattle.

It is unthinkable that Democrats all across the country and especially in congress are championing the rioters and ignoring their many victims.

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