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VIDEO: Update on Police-Involved Shooting in DC, Deceased Seen on Video With Gun in Hand

Wednesday night a young Black man was shot dead in DC and instantly there were calls from different community organizing groups to have uprisings and riots in the area in retaliation, where tensions are already at an unbearable level for many residents, after violent uprisings and a far-left radical mayor who seems intent on watching her city destroyed.

Video Footage captured the young man with his gun, with Police Officers on foot directly behind him.

Thursday night there were immediate calls of injustice and demands for police to step down.

Groups of angry rioters charged a police station, harassed police shone bright lights int he faces and caused officers to put on riot gear. Later in the evening the mob moved to the Mayor’s residence and harassed officers and the mayor in her home.

Cassandra Fairbanks, a journalist with Gateway Pundit, posted a video she found of the deceased young man, Deon Kay, at the center of the police-involved shooting Wednesday that resulted in the violent uprisings against the DC Police and the Mayor.

In the video, Kay is seen sitting in a car, handling a gun, holding it to his face. Along with another young man covered with a mask who was also handling a gun.

We covered the breaking news that shooting had occurred and violence was brewing with a group called, DC Freedom Fighters and Black Lives Matter:

Kay’s aunt told reporters that he had just turned 18 years old, and she didn’t think he should have been shot in the back, but in the foot or someplace else.

Black Lives Matter in DC have called for more uprisings over Labor Day weekend.

This story is developing…

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